Book: Gone Girl (3.8/5)

What are you thinking? How are you feeling? Who are you? What have we done to each other? What will we do?

Nick dunne, came home to find his beautiful wife, Amy, disappeared on the day of their fifth anniversary. All the evidence suggested he’s behind all of this and his weird way of act only drag him to the top of the suspect list. As the investigation continued, it only revealed that Nick was not that clean and their marriage were hiding alot of ugly secrets. Nick was just one step-away from prison unless he found his missing wife.


Whoahh, i am a proud girl. I managed to read two books this year! This one hell of a bumpy year! It’s been hell, guys, but i also never felt so alive in my life before. Cried my eyes out alot but, i can feel my body’s burning with passion. I hope that gives you an idea of how my co-ass life is going so far.

okay, let’s cut the crap,shall we?

I love the tag-line, Marriage can be a real killer. Or if i’m allowed to add,
You can marry a real killer.

Opposite to most girls my age, i actually freak out by the idea of marriage. I worship it, i mean devoted your whole life, leaving your family, leaving all the career opportunity you’ll regret to miss, to be with one person despite the risk that one morning, he/she could wake up and decided he/she is not loving you anymore. That needs true bravery and an ocean-deep heart. And i’m so not ready for that kind of commitment.

You may think i’m another psycho bitch. But i’m clinging to Amy’s idea of married. That a couple really have to try their best to make it work. Once one of them stop trying, it will only lead to pain and exhaustion. Well, okay maybe not the way Amy tried to fix their married,it’s disturbing and hell-creepy, but i mean what’s the point to continue if you tried hard alone?

This book was overall good but didn’t meet my expectation.
The rating is good and i heard so many good reviews about it so i was expecting to be extremely surprised, but i just jittered a little, to be honest, when they revealed it was Amy (and i actually more surprised when Nick finally revealed about Andie). I never thought it was her, i always thought maybe the twist was Nick had some multiple personality disorder or there was a secret society kidnapping her due to ancient secret blahblablah. I can’t hide my disappointment.

But i am in love by the way Mrs. Flynn wrote her novel. I always love every novelist who describe things as detailed as possible. How they describe a facial expression, a touch, a character voice even a dead thing like table or chair very detail. Like i can see all of it in front of my eyes.
She nailed it.
And i do do love Nick and Amy. I wish their name can be as iconic as romeo and juliet to describe a psychotic love.

The part one is boooringgg and slow-paced and i was confused, because i was told this is some sort of crime-psychological-thriller book and all i got was just a troubled marriage with the wife missing. It was ‘diary-amy’ who saved the part-one! She’s (like she was supposed to be) so likeable, funny, and a very sweet,caring and supportive wife. Especially when you think she’s maybe in an serious danger or even already dead. Amy’s right, “everyone loves the dead girl.”

But it only got better once you enter part two. I love how Nick’s character is gradually changing. He didn’t have my respect at first, he seemed like that really charming boy of your dream but later you’ll find out he’s actually weak, passive and exhausted you due to his lack of emotional bound.
But Amy made him finally take a real action, made him played at her level and they actually bring out their partner’s best, so, they were meant for each other in a not-so-mediocre love. And you have to admit that you adore Amy, the psycho-bitch Amy. She is smart-crazy smart, precise, always three-step ahead, and real sick. She have my respect for her patience and calculated moves.

I try not to think how they will continue their life. Will they pretend ’till the end, or they’ll end up killing each other. But yah, it’s true, Nick can never back to his life before Amy no matter how hard he tried. Her crazy love is lethal but addicted. Once you taste it, the other will just look plain boring.

There are no rules for true love. and maybe, just maybe, Amy’s way,
That’s the way to do it!


Book Kaleidoscope 2013 Top Five Book Boy Friends

I know it’s a little bit too late to post this, but i’m happy i could still make it.  😀

I’m sorry to say that i only read about 15 novels this year, with 3 of them is still in the progress (Holy Smoke! I put “Pro” in procrastination ). But, i’m happily say that i got a lot of nice one this year. So let’s start!!

Top Five Book Boy Friends

Since,again, i don’t read alot of books this year, ughh i’m little bit frustrated with this limited choices 😐 I need more boys!!

1. Park (Eleanor and Park)

Yup, sweet as candy-sweet, overloaded with cuteness, and worshiped Eleanor as any girl could dream. I worship him!! And he listened to The Smiths! As long as i know, a guy who listen to The Smiths can never go wrong 🙂 (conclusion dari nonton JGL di 500 days of Summer)

i’m just not immune to a cute wallflower like him.

2. Augustus Waters (The Fault in Our Stars)

Witty, handsome, self-praiser, one-legged hottie. A boy that it was sure a privilege to love him.

“It would be a privilege to have my heart broken by you..” -Augustus

How could you not fall for this guy?

3. Dhiren (Tiger’s Curse)

I don’t know if this is count or not, since i haven’t finished the book *guilty smile*. But I found this Indian prince is smokingly hot and exotic. Or maybe I just fall for the tiger, i don’t know.

4. Ender Wiggin (Ender’s game)

Well, it’s not like i want him to be my boyfriend. Cause, first, he’s underage. (younger boy is just not my thing) But, somehow, despite his cold heart, it’s warming to know that he has a pure capability to love. (I haven’t watched the movie by the way.. is it good?)

5. Warren (Fablehaven)

It’s  hard to choose who is the hottest in Fablehaven series. But i guess Warren will always be on the top of my list. He’s brave, heroic, a little reckless, and ridiculously good looking. He’ll definitely be that boyfriend who in the future, you’ll look back to the past with him and remember how fun it was.

Thank you so much for this event , mbak Fanda! i had so much fun writing it!! Check the others entry here !

Book Kaleidoscope 2013 Top Five Most Memorable Quotes

1. Eleanor & Park 

I love this one. It’s just too cute! Do you know how hard it is to resist the urgency to bite that cute boy you like? I’m very familiar with this feeling.

2. Ender’s game

“I will remember this, thought Ender, when I am defeated. To keep dignity, and give honor where it’s due, so that defeat is not disgrace. And I hope I don’t have to do it often.”

So, this is what Ender said after the captain from the team he defeated came to him and congratulate him. This is one of the most thoughtful quote i’ve ever read indeed.

3. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

There’s an enlightenment in this quote. A truth. Why people tend to stick to person who doesn’t treat them well, why they keep pushing nice people away from them (and why girls love bad boys? hehehe ;p ). Maybe this will remind us that our thoughts and our feelings matter too.

3. The Perks of Being a Wallflower ( Still)

People come and go. Friends, couple, even family. You met, you had fun, and then your path go into different directions. People change. Maybe they just simply grow up, maybe they find some enlightenment, or maybe they just want to go. It hurts when you’re the one who left behind. You feel lost, you feel betrayed, but, the truth is there’s nothing much you can do about it, and all you need to do is just simply move on. Meet new people, new friends, fall in love again and enjoy all the time you have.

Because life is not going to stop for anybody..

5. Wonder

“Everyone born of God overcometh the world.”

Because i believe that i already deserve to win Noble/Oscar/Grammy by just being born. ;D You should too!

Thank you so much for this event , mbak Fanda! i had so much fun writing it!! Check the others entry here !

Book: Eleanor & Park (5/5)

“Because . . .” he said quietly, looking at his desk, “because people want to remember what it’s like to be young? And in love?”

Mr. Stessman leaned back against the blackboard and rubbed his beard.

“Is that right?” Park asked.

Her name was Eleanor. His name was Park. Two misfits who are pretending to be okay. 
It all started with hate, until no one knew when, He noticed her red hair, her smell, and her eyes. And then She became His world. And He became Hers. But no matter how hard He tried, He could never reach Her and She was always a distance away. But, what He didn’t know was behind those insecurity wall there’s an ugly truth She’s hiding.

Eleanor and Park was all i could ask for a book. Characters who i can relate to, a slow yet intense love, a list of too cool songs and a devastating ending (just kidding, WHY RAINBOW WHY?) .It took me twice reading it,and several months before i can write anything. I had a hard time moving on because i was so overwhelmed with the huge wave of emotions.

I love Eleanor. I feel like i have a strong connection with her (Not physically, because while she’s overweight, i’m underweight :|) like, i really want to hold her, and tell her that She’s okay, She’s more than okay. We all know what is like to be a misfit. So I guess we all can relate to it too, right?

Park on the other hand, was a dream boyfriend. He was sweet as candy-sweet, overload with cuteness, and worshiped Eleanor like any girl could dream of.

“Don’t bite his face, Eleanor told herself. It’s disturbing and needy and never happens in situation comedies or movies that end with big kisses.” (This is my favorite quote! ;D)

Park was a half-korean and having some issue with his white father who seemed he can never satisfied.

And their love story is all i need in a relationship.Two birds of a feather against the world. A relationship that people will laugh at or just simply ignore, but they have no idea how we love each other.Ughh, cheezy i know..

I felt afraid when i read this book. Like i was holding something really fragile, like after all this precious connection between them , it would easily fall apart if i read it the wrong way.I just want to freeze that time.When they were sitting next to each other rubbing hands for the first time. When they sneaked behind the house to kiss. And well, basically, everytime they kissed.. hehehe

And what makes this book way cooler, is the songs..The Smiths, Joy division.It felt like you can hear the soundtrack when you read it .I even made my own playlist for this book. 🙂

Eleanor and Park deserves every emotion i spill right now. I found myself trying to read this book with slow pace but i just can’t stop turning the pages. And sometimes writing a review can be as painful as reading itself. Especially when it’s a book that you know you’ll love to death. You put too much emotion in every word you wrote. Just too much.

I mean UGHHHHH seriously,man! Like Who is this ANGEL who wrote this? Rainbow? oh my gosh even her name is so loveable. Please tell me that you secretly writing a true story. That maybe Eleanor was you and Park was your husband..Do tell me that romance like this, is actually happening.

Well, i know this is a spoiler, but i just want you guys to be prepared, okay? The ending’s sucks. 
Like WHYYyy-should-life-crushed-their-love-down-cruely *screaming* -sucks.

but, no matter what, Eleanor and Park had already took a special spot in my heart. A permanent one.

“Eleanor & Park” reminded me not just what it’s like to be young and in love with a girl, but also what it’s like to be young and in love with a book. -John Green

(and beyond)

Quick! Read this. No war can be ended before every people in this world read this book!

Book: The Night Circus (4.5/5)


“Life takes us to unexpected places sometimes. The future is never set in stone, remember that.”

Once upon a time, there was a game played between two men. No one knows exactly when it was started, for no one outlives them. Several time it has been played. But it’s neither of them who compete each other.They choosed their player to play.

The first one was a little girl. Six years old was she. One of the men own daughter.

Several years later, another player, a boy in an orphanage, was chosen. He was asked to join or stay in the orphanage. But stay was never an option.

Years they were prepared for a battle without knowing the rule. A battle without knowing when it was exactly began and when it will end. or whether it will end.

But when they met inside the circus’ tent for forbidden lover,
they fell in love.

My review will never be as good as the book.

I’m a hard-to-please reader.
But this book has three things that I’m not immune to.

  1. Magic
  2. Old London setting 
  3. Secret

I really like it! I know I’ve always had some tendency to drown in a dark fantasy theme. Just said, Neil Gaiman’s book, The thirteen Tale and The Book of Lost Things. And this story is somehow reminding me with The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

The story, the magical details, everything was beautifully written. I love how Erin leaves me hanging with every word in the end of the chapter. This is so a page-turner!Although not the ending I was expected, but love the epilogue! I actually wish for something more jaw-dropping, more mind-blowing, you know. Like, if Baley is actually Alexander’son, Marco is actually Prospero’s another lost son..hahaha Wait I forget this is not Game of Thrones..BUT seriously, i need more dirty-secret-behind-the-circus’-tent to be revealed!

I also love its late 19th century taste. It’s as if you can hear an opera sound as the background of the story.

I’m not a fan of their love story though. It’s kind of cheesy and too much explosion between these two. But yahh, we can’t blame them. I mean, who doesn’t fall in love in a kind of Willy Wonka-ish place like that?
She managed to describe some place full of dreams come true. Some place where you wish to be locked up forever because you just can’t get enough of the magic. I’ve never been to a circus before. Not even a night market. But now visiting one, is on my bucket list.

Actually i really like the eye-catching Indonesian cover. But then I realize, the black color of the original cover represent the circus better.With a little touch of red. Just like a true rêveur.

The translation is okay, although i don’t know how much they change it from the original version. And if you are under 18, i guess it’s better if you read the Indonesian version, cause from what i’ve heard, the original has more mature content.

btw, look what i’ve found in 8tracks! Listen to this!

Okay, peeps now let me take my leave to drown in my puree imagination! Stay fab! XOXO

Book: Looking for Alaska (3/5)

Hi, guest what? I’m back! But I guess this is just back-to-leave-again-soon comeback. But, goshh, you have no idea how I miss reading. Book is such a great escape to your suck daily life. But since, i’m still in the middle of the semester and the exam is due 2 more weeks, there’s some kind of guilty feeling that bother me. Ughh, i guess i have to stop now. huhuhuhu.

So i choose to read Looking for Alaska with such a great expectation that John Green will dazzle me again. Well, it’s quite disappointing that, this time, he did not.

“if people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane..”

I just don’t get it at the first hundred pages. I mean, what did Green try to get me into? is this just a story of horny teenage boy who fell in love with an unstable bitch? is this a story of minorities students trying to deal with bullying issue? But it ain’t no our lovely John Green if he didn’t leave us jaw-dropping with the twist of the story.

This is not the side of John Green that I like as much as i do in The Fault in Our Stars, but i just want to emphasize that,he’s still our John Green. He writes real issues of teenage life. Depression, self-destruction, sexuality, and addiction. So some of you might like it.

Somehow it kind of reminds me of The Perks of being a Wallflower. But, Milles is not even as half adorable as Charlie. He’s just really..uhmm normal? no wait..average is a better word. And Alaska will never be my favorite, although that doesn’t mean I don’t pity her. I just can’t stand to see her bitching around. Ughh, I’m sorry, i know i shouldn’t be so judgemental.

But, anyway, i really like those last words. My favorite was Mckinley when he said, “We are all going”. Wow, it’s just powerful. Somehow I kinda hope I’ll remember to say a worth-remembering last word before my death.

ugh, this is not my best shot, but still i left with some hangover for reading again after a quite long time. ‎​ƪ(‾ε‾“)ʃ. Okay that’s it! Bye people!

“When you stopped wishing things wouldn’t fall apart, you’d stop suffering when they did.”

At least several people survive.

OFF for…..

Hi guys,  as you can see , i haven’t post any book review lately. And seems like it’s going to continue like that for the next few months.. I haven’t touch any book these days because semester 6 is totally getting me out of my mind!  I just can’t handle it with these two hands and 24-hour day. So i think i have to make a hard decision to eliminate some of my fav hobbies to be able to focus.

So, as you can see in the title.. i’m going to off for unknown time.

Shiiiiitttt i’m gonna miss reading and writing deadly! But maybe i will still write in my personal blog janeroom, soo maybe we can still keep in touch there.

And i’m so sorry that i have to withdrawn from some reading events that i already enrolled.. huhuhu

By the wayyyy. I want to promote a voluntary program that my friend’s BF made. It’s called ” Suarakan Bukumu”. 

“Suarakan Bukumu adalah suatu gerakan untuk membantu saudara-saudara kita penyandang tunanetra dengan cara menyuarakan dan merekam buku yang kita baca. Tujuannya adalah memperbanyak referensi bacaan mereka dengan menyediakan audio book dari suara volunteer.”

So, if you’re interested, you can visit the page here! Let’s help them find the wonder of magical book world by our voice!

SEE AAAAAA!! i’m gonna miss you all sooooo damn bad!

Rapid Fire Question!

Makasih mbak Melisa, buat Rapid Fire Questionnya!!

Nah, ayok kita jawab!!

 1. nambah atau ngurangin timbunan?  Nimbun lah jelas.. baca ga kebaca yang penting nimbun.heheeee..
2. pinjam atau beli buku? beli
3. baca buku atau nonton film? Both. Walaupun biasanya salah satu lebih mengecewakan, tapi kurang afdol kalo belumnonton kedua2 versinya 😉
4. beli buku online atau offline? (tobuk yg temboknya bisa disentuh) Offline. Free ongkir soalnya.
5. (penting) buku bajakan atau ori? Ori. Mending pinjem rasanya dibanding beli bajakan.
6. gratisan atau diskonan? WHATTTT?! do i really need to answer this? I’m a woman,please. hahaha
7. beli pre-order atau menanti dgn sabar? Both are okay, tergantung bukunya dulu..
8. buku asing (terjemahan) atau lokal? terjemahan
9. pembatas buku penting atau biasa aja? biasa aja
10. bookmark atau bungkus chiki? ehh? bookmark rasanya..

Dan 5 pertanyaan tambahan dari saya berikut ini:

11. klasik atau kontemporer? Both

12. baca sambil dengerin musik atau nggak? Mostly enggak sih..soalnya kalo lagunya enak langsung pengen nyanyi bawaannya.

13. baca sambil duduk atau tiduran? duduk dengan progresi ke tidur dalam beberapa jam.

14. Twilight atau Interview with the Vampire? belum baca IwtV

15. pasti nonton film yang diadaptasi dari buku atau nggak? Kalo suka bukunya sih pastii

here comes the winner!


we’ve got the winner here!!

but wait,lemme give some introduction why i choose to ask for favorite book quote in this giveaway..

i believe words have a serious impact in ourlives. And somehow i find it usually more powerful when it is WRITTEN. And for me favorite quote means those few lines of words that blow you far..far.. away and give shiver through your spine when you read it. It’s like you read the whole book just to understand those words meaning. That’s why i always start my review by writing my fav quote in the book.

Just incase you’ re curious why i choose to kill a mocking bird’s quote, feel free to read my review or READ the book itself and prepare to get a goosebump that won’t go away.hahaha..

and, as my very first giveaway, i’m really blown too much away. I didn’t even expect to have more than 10 participant, but 39? Seriously guys, seriously thank you so are all ROCK!

i LOVE all of your quotes. They make me curious enough to read the book.

here are some of my very very favorite:

people want pretty much the same thing : They wanted to be happy. Most young people seemed to think those things lay somewhere in the future. While most older people believed they lay in the past. – Herawan Rusmanhadi.

Kebencian membuatmu kesepian – Dheril Sofia.

Kenapa harus takut gelap kalau ada banyak hal indah yang hanya bisa dilihat sewaktu gelap? -Wenny

Things change. And friends live. And life doesn’t stop for anybody. -Nesya

It’s easy to find someone whom you can laugh with, but it isn’t easy to find someone whom you can endure the sadness together with. – dianmayy

All those endless years…All those winters, summers.. a hundred season of wanting you and never having you. Growing old,while you stayed eternally young in my memories. – Vera Astanti

Sometimes this way is just the way the games ended.
Sometimes you did your best, and it all went straight to the hell anyway. -Fauzan

soooo, the winner is….*mega drum roll*

mbak dianmayy by her beautiful quote from Twivortiare


please contact me at as soon as possible yah,mbak..
yang belum menang jangan kecewa ya. You all have won my heart, guys..hehe

see you in the next giveaway. next year ? next month? next week? who knowss?
stay fancy.. XOXO

Hotter Potter meme: April

Hi there gorgeous Potterhead! Aduh aku udah mulai molor nih ikutan Hotter Potter event. Semoga ga dimarahin Host-nya. hehe. Udah bulan April tapi buku yang ketiga aja belum disentuh-sentuh. Bukan karena males, tapi justru karena lagi rajin-rajinnya belajar buat ujian tanggal 22 ini. Huaaa.. Gini deh nasib anak kuliah di luar kota. Ga lulus berarti ga pulang. Wkkk..

okay, tapi kebetulan lagi senggang boleh deh, jawab-jawab meme april:

Jika kamu berkesempatan mengunjungi toko buku Flourish and Blotts, buku apa yang akan kamu bawa pulang dari sana? Pilih 1 (satu) buku saja! Jangan lupa sertakan alasannya…

Sebenernya aku langsung mau jawab, Tom Riddle’s diary sih. Haha sayang sekali buku ini masih belum dijual bebas pasaran buku sihir. Fiuhh.. Kan enak tuh kaya sms-an. Hehe..

Tapi, akhirnya setelah menimbang-nimbang, aku kayanya bakal beli:

One Minute Feasts – It’s Magic!

sounds delicious, doesn’t it? Hehehe.. Boleh nih buat anak kos-an, just one minute, mouth-watering food, and just one spell away 😉 hehehe

beberapa buku lain yang menggoda juga ada:

The Invisible Book of Invisibility (ughh, seems like i’m gonna have a hard time finding it.)

Magical Me by Gilderoy Lockhart (Hey, hating Gilderoy is too mainstream, right? )

Dragon Breeding for Pleasure and Profit (As soon as i find a way to buy my first dragon’s egg.)

House-Elves & Self-Hatred (Seriously, this one looks way too interesting..)

okay then…see you again as soon as possible! 😉