Fablehaven #3

Grip of the Shadow Plague

So far this is the best book of all the series..well i haven’t read the 5th book yet, hope it’s gonna be the best one cause i’ll feel really sad to say good bye to Fablehaven..hu3 =(

1.  i love it when Seth got his dark power. The idea to make Seth in the dark site and Kendra in the bright side is so brilliant!

2. oww.. finally we know Patton Burgess and Lena’s love story. i really like Patton. and Lenaa..i’m gonna miss her so bad. =((

3. oh so now, we have Warren and Gavin, let’s see how far they gonna take part in this story.  Arghhh Gavin, you ruin the story!! *kick-Gavin*.. but oh,wait kendra is only 13 ( if i’m not wrong) or 15? whatever..but,i do remember she’s too young to have a love story..

4. i love all the creatures that Brandon made. they all seem really great and fantastic! makes me want to go to Fablehaven and explore all the things i can find there. Great Job, mr. Brandon!

5. did i forget something awesome? sorry i write this review 3 months after i read it so.. but, by the way over all i love this book to the max!



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