Harry Potter, Y U NO last forever?!

i know it’s a little bit too late. But after saw my sister’s blog. i think i have to make it official. i just have to.

Thank you Harry Potter, thanks for all these years..you’ve made my childhood awesome!

So long, now.. no one in my generation never heard the name of The Boy who Lived..

My greatest thank for you too Mrs. Rowling. Thanks for sharing your damn awesome magical world and all the creatures within it.

Yes, you should write another one. Just please make sure it’s not porn this time..hehehe


10 respons untuk ‘Harry Potter, Y U NO last forever?!’

    • janelibrary berkata:

      yeah, there are a lot of good books now already and of course later, there will be more. but nothing will ever replace HP in this generation..iya, jadi males belinya, rating casual vacancy jelek lagi.huhu =(

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