Book: The Book of Lost Things (3.7/5)

The Book of lost things by John Connolly 3.7/5

okeyy..really good example of how you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. i once had that experience with The Thirteen Tale, but i got a really nice surprise (Wish i wrote a review about it, but i highly recommended it to y’all!)


doesn’t it look like a children book?

But, it’s not. and i’m pretty sure of it. Homosexual? Zoophilia? Pshyco plus Serial killer? we won’t find those things in children books. it took me more about 6 months to finish this book.  Gosh, the beginning until the middle part is just really boring and exhausting, but i finally made it. Yay me! (sorry, i need some appreciation for it)

before we continue, let’s talk a little about books and stories. as time i read more books, i realize that, like people, every book has its own character. i don’t know how to describe it exactly, but like we met people, and as time goes by we know more and more about them, we can ,like “categorizing” them, right?  and i find this feeling too when i read this book. somehow it reminds me of Thirteen Tale and Magician Elephants by Kate DiCamillo.

okey, focus..

let’s start with the good part:

1. The Ending. in the middle of the book i was thinking to give this book 3/5 or lower, but the last 20%  part is really good. i love how David finally love Rose and Georgie. i love anna too, by the way.

2. The font. i know it sounds funny but i think the font is really classy. hehe

3. The whole story is quite good. Although it’s not really ‘woah’,  but i find myself waiting for another twisting childhood story Connolly’s version.

The not-okay part:

1. after read more than a hundred pages, i know that something’s really wrong with this book. The Red Riding Hood slept with The Wolf? Wait, that sounds really wrong..and as i continued, when i came at Roland part, wait,wait i really want to know what story that Roland and Raphael based on. hope i don’t know it, so it doesn’t ruin my childhood. (and i keep thinking that  David is actually a schizophrenia..cause well, he heard voices and hallucinating, right?)

2. IMHO, noone of the character is really adorable. The Crooked Man was a true psyco. it surprised me the way he killed his victim. Sadis benerr..The Snow White was so no-no. But she never become my fav princess though. The king was evil and a coward. But yah, David was fine, and The Carpenter seemed really nice and i like the dwarves. It’s so cute when they start talking about politics.

3. Some part is really scary, which is actually quite good. i can feel the tension when David entered the tower, when he killed the female hunter (gosh, this women is a true pshyso too!) and etc.

in the end it want to say,

“You never know what you’ve got till it’s gone. You never realize the value of somethings or someones until they’re taken from you”

i wish i have another long holiday again so i can read a lot of books..huhu.


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