Book: The Mark of Athena (4.3/5)

The Mark of Athena 4.3/5

okay, as one of the most anticipated book of the year, MoA is not disappointing. not as good as SoN in my humble opinion, but surely a page turner.

so they’re back, like Power Rangers, 7 demigods plus one insane satir, gather together to save the world from the mud-face Gaea. before read the book i already wonder how will Riordan told the story from 7 different angles like he used in this series. must be confusing! but, in this book we can only see the story from 4 point of views. Annabeth, Piper, Percy, and Leo. i hope in the next book we can see Nico’s point of view. i don’t know why, but the more i read this series, i become more sure that there will be death or big sacrifice in the last book, i hope it’s not Nico..huhu..and i hope he find Bianca. and more Jason please! since the first book i still find he’s so mysterious.

and the more i read it, i came up with one conclusion that gods are all crazy. all those eternity life doesn’t make them wiser only getting them crazier.

as Mars said in the previous book,
“Life is only precious because it ends, kid.” 

let’s move to the good part:

1. The Ending, i know, i know it’s sucks. Percy and Annabeth fell into the deepest darkest part of hell, Tartarus. (i never know that Tartarus is Gaea husband, wow now i understand why Gaea is the craziest of all, her Husband is one hell of a hell.haha )

but i personally, found it realllyyyy sweet..aww, die together? isn’t it cute? haha. at least they’re together..i love you more Percy!!

2. It’s funny. With the usual Riordan’s humors, it’s still refreshing. my most fav part is when there’s a pegasus kicked coach hedge’s sandwich and then just flew away. and when percy try to talk to annabeth when she’s busy with the mark of athena stuff. it’s so hilarious. and not to forget the battle between team Leo vs team Narcisuss.

3. i finally get to know annabeth more than in Percy and the Olympians series. well, she’s a kickass heroine! i really amazed when she bravely entered the tunnel full of spiders! wow, i can’t imagine i have to be in the same room with tons of cockroachs. i’m pretty sure that i already faint in a fetal position or maybe i will just kill myself when i see a giant cockroach.

4. i also find slightly different personality of Percy, he become more like bad boys, and yeah, we all ladies love bad boys,don’t we?

oh my, his eyes! *swoon

5. i love “Grover’s Tips to Survive in the Wild”.

the not-okay part:

1. woahh, it’s so hard to remember all those name. there’s so many gods from major to minor and all those magical creatures from cute to i-can’t-even-imagine-what-they-look-like.
(i find Aphros, the ichthyocentaurus..(pheww try to spell it!) is quite cute with his brownies)
it’s like a lecture of mythology!

2. i personally do not find Hazel-Leo-Frank’s love triangle amusing. i mean, they act like they’re 20 something and about to get married. i mean, come on, you are just three (about) 12 y.o kiddos! fiuhh, kids nowdays..ckck

3. Why all the mission seem so easy? there’s no dramatic thing and i can’t feel that it’s about life-or-death things. everytime i read his book, i always feel this feeling, but yah..i’m just a reader, i didn’t have right to be so demanding.

buy the way, in the indonesian cover, there’s a quote from
“buku ini akan membuat kalian melupakan Hunger Games.. kau tidak akan bisa berhenti membacanya..”

well, all i can say is: nice try, nice try, but sorry, you cannot mess with Hunger Games’ fans . Yeahh..=p


2 respons untuk ‘Book: The Mark of Athena (4.3/5)

  1. miamembaca berkata:

    hahahaha, don’t mess with hunger games’s fans eh? :p

    kayanya K mia sudah kehilangan greget baca Om Rick Riordan, padahal dulu sukkaaaa banget. Rumusnya terlalu mudah tertebak sih dek..

    • janelibrary berkata:

      haha..sorry, k aku udah terobsesi soalnya.wkk
      iya, rumusnya itu2 aja..tapi menurutku seri ini sedikit lebih bagus dari percy n the olympians sih..k, udah baca the fault in our star? koq kayanya heboh ya di goodreads..

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