Book: The Nanny Diaries (3.8/5)

Nanny, twenty-one-single-and-broke senior student of NYU is looking for a job as a nanny for Upper East Side mom to pay for her college.

Destiny lead her to meet Mrs. X, Mr.X and their 4-year-old boy, Grayer.
she should have known that Mrs. X and Mr. X were only a package of trouble.

Mrs.X, looks like another rich mom who wear Prada to bed and a 4-hundreds-dollars-intimidating sandals to the bathroom. She got everything in her hand and under her control. Well, everything.. but her husband.

Mr. X, a jerk who made more than 7 digits every year, and keeping dirty secret in his shoes closet ,but never have 7 minutes for his son.

Grayer, the one who will one day realize how unlucky he is.

Nanny should have walked away from the start, when Mrs. X started to cross the line. And since that ,and without her intention, she fell in love with Grayer and made herself fell deeper and deeper into X’s family drama. Involved into more personal issues and knowing every secret that she never wanted to know.

everyday she saw her Grayer tried everything to get attention from his mom.
and she saw how hard Mrs. X tried to keep her husband’s eyes on her.
and she saw how easy Mr. X would ignore them.

But how could she hate the two people that her Grayer love the most?

another heart-broken book i should say. i think i need to stop reading something that make me getting involved emotionally too much.

Hm, i see the rating is not so good, and and so is the review..
really? you all don’t like it? because i find my self really love this book. well, or maybe it’s just my bad personal taste..

But it’s just make me realize something..

i’m sure many of you already heard about this quote:

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.”- George R.R. Martin

i never take those quote seriously. Until i just read a book that made me experience a life of upper east side from my bed. we learn many emotion every time we read a book. i remember become a wizard when i read Harry Potter, i remember become one of Poseidon’s kid when i read about Percy Jackson.

so, i think ,as a reader, i’m very lucky to have ever experienced it.

okay, back to nanny..

i like this book. The humor, Nanny, Grayer, the Harvard Hottie aka H.H (nah, i don’t like him..i just imagined Chris Evans) and i can easily hate X couple, ms. Chicago, and Charlene.

Yah somehow, i feel pity about Mrs. X. But, she started it since she fell for Mr. X. and Karma.. it just slapped her right on the face. She should have known that one day, sooner or later, this day will come.

i know it’s just fiction and chicklit, but, this is real. Somewhere in L.A or NY, there are another Grayers who still wondering what has he done that make his parent want to get rid of him. It makes me thanks God that my mom doesn’t wear Hermes or LV , that my dad doesn’t make million dolars ,that i don’t have to live to impress people..

no, i haven’t watched the movie..

personally, i’m not a fan of Chris Evans. But, yah.. i don’t mind seeing him topless..kekeke

Chris Evans

just enjoy the view, folks..


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