OOT: 2013’s Resolutions

Wow, it’s already the 6th day in 2013. We officially left 2012 behind. How time flies!  I should had made this post before new year, but, as usual, i just can’t move my ass.

2012 was definitely a blast for me. but overall, life was good.
people come and go , but some remain =)) and thanks God for that.

but well, “every lesson forms a new scar” -eyes open. #curcolterusss

so, what’s your resolution for new year?

looking back to my 2012’s resolution, now i realize,

i’m not the guy with the plan..

so why so serious?

I’m not that kind of person who make resolutions and stick to that until the end of the year. It just doesnt work out on me. So, i’ll accept myself as a one-step-at-a-time person and try a new approach to reach a better life..haha

But, it’s always fun to make resolution and wishes.. =)

Soo, i’m gonna make some book challenge for myself this year..actually, i took goodreads challenge 2012 to read 50 books, and i know i did it, because i read alot of books in 2012, but i never set the date so i considered fail. (actually i withdrawn before the end of 2012. hehe)

but, i’m gonna make some awesome book list this year, wish me luck, everybody!  Here it is: 

  • Harry Potter Series, because i follow a reading challenge and actually it’s just because i really miss Harry Potter. so, for you all potterhead, let’s join this challenge!! hehe
  • some Children’s book. Another reading challenge that i joined.
  • The Hobbit and LOTR trilogy.  sooo, how was the Jackson’s The Hobbit?  (and have you seen the extended or the complete version of LOTR? i’m gonna watch it very soonn.. can’t wait to see my badass Aragorn and Legolas again =p  )  actually, i already read the first book, The fellowship of the ring. And goshhh how boring it is. but i think i cannot call myself a ringer if i never read the book. so these book is definitely in my list.
  • Game of thrones everybody was so crazy about this book, so i hope i can read it this year.
  • Fablehaven 5. Okay mizan, that’s enough. i already wait too long for this book. pleasseeeee..
  • The Fault in Our Star. another crazy-book-with-crazy-rating-in-goodreads on my list. But, yay to me. i finished it 4 days ago. And yes, this book is crazzyyy.. gonna write the review soon.
  • House of Hades. Rick said this book ‘s gonna come out this year. yeiyyy!!
  • anddd sooo many other books. in total, i challenge myself to read at least 40 books this year.

Nowww, let’s move to the  movie list : 

  • The Hobbit (nuff said.. )
  • Monster University (Goshh, finally!!)
  • Catching fire ( Peetaaa, please do more romantic scene with Katniss! Fulfill all tribute’s hunger for kissing scene! hahaha..)
  • Despicable Me 2 (Omigot, my minions will come back this year. Can’t wait really)
  • Man of Steel ( another Nolan’s franchise movie. Definitely gonna see it!)
  • Les Miserable
  • Habibie dan Ainun. ( Because everybody was so crazy about this lover’s story, it makes me curious enough to insert this Indonesian movie to my list..)
  • andd of courseee many many more awesome movies!

okay, that’s it people.  Wish u all a wonderful, full-of-wishes-come-true , less-tears-more-joy YEARRRRR!!!


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