OOT: Happy Birthday to me!!

i made the first post of this blog at 9th January last year..

wow it’s been A YEAR  already!! never thought i’m gonna make this blog last this long.. thanks for everyone who visited my page or even gave your likes and comments. i do appreciate it!
i send you lots of kisses and happiness in life..

a big hug for my sister who has inspired me to make a blog. now at least i become productive in the internet. not only open 9gag! haha  (one does not simply browsing internet without open 9gag!)

i already nailed one of my resolution this year, which is:

Become one of BBI member!! wohooo..after failed twice, finally i can proudly announced myself as one of “Blogger Buku Indonesia”. What an achievement!

although it’s mean i have to move all my movie content to another blog. No regret..

please visit my new movie blog at janetheater.wordpress.com if you don’t mind..


my next resolution is:  to make a list of my book review.. (Arrrggghhh..)

Okay, folks enjoy your days, weeks and years.

brace yourself for more books, more movies, and more years (hopefully!), are coming!! ;))


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