Book: Wonder (5/5)

“Everyone born of God overcometh the world.”

If you are the only one of something. You are different.
Like,  if you are the only one in your class who can play violin, then you are different. But it’s a good kind of different.

in my case, i’m the only one in my school (and in my neighborhood too) who has a genetic disorder called, Mandibulofacial Dystosis.  Sounds cool,huh? Yah, i hope it’s a disorder who can make me look cool too.  But, anyway, i am different. and this time, it’s not a good kind of different.

The thing about being different is,  it’ll determine people’s action toward you.
If you are the good kind of different, you will attract people to you. Like a lamp attracts moths.
But if you are the bad one, it will keep people away from you. Like  you’re a skunk.

But, the worst thing of all, which sometimes i can’t stand is, people always stare at you.  Sometimes they do that when they think i don’t see them and look away when i see them, but sometimes they do it right on my face. They make those horror faces while holding their breath. (Well, sometimes it does look funny though..)

That’s why i always hate to go to the crowded place. The more people there, the more eyes are starring at me.
So, i really have no idea what got into me, when i said yes, i want to go to the normal school. It’s like i am a lamb who voluntarily ask to go to the slaughter.

You know sometimes, middle school can be as cruel as the jungle (i’m in the fifth grade,by the way)
Everyone try so hard to be in the highest place of the food chain. You’ll eat or be eaten.
In my case, i can’t choose.  Just say, i’m a permanent resident of the lowest part of the food chain. And in my whole  life, i have to run in order not to get eaten.

But there are also a “hipsters” group, who choose to be in the low place of food chain although they can be in the higher place. Like my friend Jack and Summer, they’re like a vegetarian lion.

The middle school was not EASY. Really, believe me it was damn hard. It’s already hard even when you don’t have any facial deformities and a genetic disorder. But when you do.. yah, just try to be one.

But, different from the jungle. In the human world, everyone deserves a second chance, even the cruelest one. Because sometimes we all loose our way now and then..i understand.

The good thing about being me (believe me, there’s a good thing) is you can see clearly that miracles do happened.
i have several miracles around, like Jack and Summer. I also have my mom, my dad, via, miranda, and via’s boyfriend, Justin. And of course i had Daisy.

Like Justin said,

“the universe takes care of its most fragile creations in ways we can’t see.
the universe takes care of all its birds.”


I can hardly remember if i ever cried that much..well, okay i cried a lot when i read Five People You meet in heaven, and when i watched Facing the Giants, and don’t forget the fault in our star and Marley and me..   and gosh, how could i forget how much i cried when i watch i am sam?

geez,i AM that sensitive.

but really, i never knew that i could cry that much..

this book tore me apart, crushed my heart and hurt me right in my lacrimal gland.

usually, i cried at the middle  of the book when i already emotionally bound with the character or the end of the book which become the “most favorite times” for the writer to kill all lovable characters. (grr)

but, this time, i already wept a little at page 9. and cried hard at page 40 something..arghhh 😥  so, brace yourself..

I could say that i’ve been in almost all of the characters’ position.

I’ve been the “anomaly
I’ve been the one who hates the “anomaly
and of course, like most of us, I’ve been in the neutral side who try not to take a side. Because that’s the easiest.

so, when i read this book, i recall some names and emotions. and i realize that no one.. NO ONE deserves to be treated like that.  Even if you and some people do deserves it, but you’ll always be sorry one day and wish you had never done that.

actually, we all different from the other,  that’s how God created us. And i’m pretty sure the reason is not to bully each other.. #graahsusahnyagacurcolpasnulisreview

now, WARNINGGG!!! spoiler time!!

what i loved so much about this story is, there are several point of views so we can understand all of them very well but it’s not as confusing as other multiple POV books.

and i don’t know why but, in the middle of the book, i really look forward to hear from Miranda’s point of view. And see? it’s never been easy for her too.

i like that she didn’t write from the mother’s point of view. I don’t know why, but i think i already can imagine how sentimental it will become. But, i do want to hear from Auggie’s father side.

And i do love Justin’s point of view. i don’t know what’s the purpose, but she wrote Justin’s pov without any capital and direct conversation. But, i do like him with his Tic disorder.

ah, but all the characters are so lovable. I love Via, Jack, Summer, Miranda and  mr. Tushman.  Yes, i hate Julian, but yah, everybook should have a jerk like him..And yes, i hate his parents much more than him.

Among all those tearful moments, i found a moment which i cried much harder than the others. It’s when Darth Daisy died. oh goshhh, i really couldn’t stop crying. i’m a forever dog-lover, so it’s a tear-tsunami moment for me.

but, there’s also a really good moment here. I love when Auggie laughed at people’s reaction when they see him, and his jokes with Jack. I also love the ending.

it’s a really really great book, people.. you really should read it. It gives you the idea of how cruel life is but how nice a man should be.

i’ll give it 5/5

No war can be ended before every people in this world read this book!

and people ,let’s standing here to congratulate ourself, because..

“Everyone deserves a standing ovation because we all overcometh the world.”

PS: hey, here’s the indonesian cover if you wondering. Nice ,huh?

PS 2: For age more than 12

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