Book:Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone(5.3/5)

“You are a wizard, Harry.”

As far as i remember, this is the fourth times i read the first book of Harry Potter. And how should i describe my feeling that can not be elaborated in words? How should i describe a dear friend that has been together with me for a really long time? :’)

when i reread the book for Hotter Potter event,

and for Fun Year Event,

i cannot say that i got that first feeling when you find a new great book. But, it’s more like meeting an old friend. You know him, you miss him, and you realize how much you have changed and they’re all still the same.

i have a sweet memory with Harry. (ahh, that good old time..) i barely remember if it was the first time i read a novel or not, but, for sure, that was the first time i fell in love with novels.
This is where my reading history began. At the under-the-stair’s cupboard of the Privet Drive number 4..

There was a young boy, called Harry Potter, who lived in despair with his wicked uncle and aunt,The Dursley, and not to mention his fat, good-for-nothing cousin, Dudley. He had been living with them for about 11 years and yet still had no idea why they hated him so much.

His school life was also not going so smooth. Everybody seems to hate him because they are afraid of his cousin.

So, in a nutshell ,we can say that Harry was just another pitiful helpless preteen with packs of troubles.

But it seemed like 11 was Harry’s lucky number, cause in his 11th birthday, everything was about to change. That day, he got the best present every boy and girl can have.

a Hogwarts letter.

He would believe that it was just a really mean joke from his uncle, if he didn’t remember that his uncle never ever joked around.

wait, he is WHAT?
wizard? w-i-z-a-r-d?

Everybody called him WHAT?

the chosen one?
the boy who lived?
the famous baby who defeated the greatest darkest wizard whose name can’t be spelled?

how could he was famous without ever noticing it?

and who the hell is You-Know-Who?

well ,as you all already know ,Harry is about to meet him very soon..


I could say that i grew up with Harry. I first read the book when i was a junior high school’s student and reread all the books a couple times. And i also waited with high degree of anxiety everytime the movies came out. I love how the first book is so much like a children’s book and with every book, it gets more mature and mature.

2012 was the first year without Harry Potter, but thanks to surgabukuku dan bacaanbzee for these brilliant event, so i can explore those magical world again..

ah, it’s so hard to make a review of book that you’re so obsessed with. There are so many things in your head, therefore you’re just lost in your own tangled mind and have no idea where to start.

But,let’s start with things i love:

1. All those non-muggle stuffs

No matter how many times i read this, i’m still dazzled by Rowling’s imagination. Moving paintings? Photos that can move like gif. ? Stairs that change its direction every friday? a Singing sorting hat? A new sport called Quidditch? and what i like best is the human-size chess. It’s just soooo ultracool!!

2. Gred and Forge

i know that i already fell for the twins since the first book.

“Oh, are you a prefect, Percy?” said one of the twins, with an air of great surprise. “You should have said something, we had no idea.”
“Hang on, I think I remember him saying something about it,” said the other twin. “Once-“
“Or twice-“
“A minute-“
“All summer-“

“Don’t worry, the Weasleys are more than a match for the Bludgers — I mean, they’re like a pair of human Bludgers themselves.”

hmm, it’s enough to describe how appealing they are ,isn’t it? 😉

3. The story itself

Well, maybe it’s not yet observable in the first book. But, later, i love how she can connect all the story from the first book ’till the last book.  And i really appreciate how deep she knows her story, how deep she knows every character she made. This is not a story which can be made in one night or two. This needs years of brainstorming, powerful imagination, and a full-heart dedication. I think this is why we can called Rowling as one of the most brilliant writer of all time.

The not okay part:

NONE!! well, if you’re obsessed with something, you just go blind ,right? Exactly. hehehe 😉

BTW, because this is the fourth times i read the book, i paid more attention to detail.

I realize that since the first book, Rowling has already given us some clue that there’s ‘something’ about Dumbledore.

Remember when Harry asked what Dumbledore saw in the Erised mirror, And He knew that Dumbledore is lying? Socks? okay Professor, seems legit..
and do you know that Neville is already good in Herbiology since the first year? (spoiler: He’s gonna be a Herbiology Professor in the future! )

I like how she describe Voldemort:

“..only one who has nothing to lose, everything to gain would commit such a crime..”

but there are some question that still going around in my mind..
How did The stone get to Harry’s pocket? doesn’t Erised Mirror only show our desire and not to fulfill it? Or it means Harry already had the stone before ,then the mirror show him where it was?
Waittt, i don’t get it..

and Dumbledore said that James saved Snape’s life once, i wonder why it never mentions in the other books? hm…

*ralat: setelah diingetin mbak Dewi, ternyata James nyelamatin Snape dari si Dedalu perkasa..Aduh udah lupa,tuh..

But, hey nevermind.. the coolness covers everything..

Let me just give you a really cool fact about the first book:

can you imagine what would Snape see if he saw the Erised mirror? Oooww this is heart breaking..

As a forever-muggle who drooling over my Hogwarts letter, this would be pretty much like me, if i got one : hahahaha..

i must go , Hogwarts needs me..

ohhh, You haven’t read it? really? and You haven’t watch it? Oh my, Where were you this ten years? Mars? but late is better than never. Maybe this is not your cup of tea, but ,still, it’s worth to try..

i’ll give it 5.3/5 ,problem people? hohoho

No war can be ended before every people in this world read this book!

so peeps, stay fancy and never tickle a sleeping dragon!! 😉 XOXO

PS: For age more than 10 y.o


12 respons untuk ‘Book:Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone(5.3/5)

  1. rie berkata:

    suka pic snape didepan cermin tarsah 🙂
    satu2nya yang berubah saat saya baca buku ini lagi adalah cara pandang saya terhadap Snape. ga bisa betul2 benci lagi seperti dulu. malah terasa seperti lonely hero. hihihihi…

  2. astrid.lim berkata:

    kelebihan rowling adalah dia bisa bikin karakternya bener2 human alias manusiawi bangettt..jadi antara sebel dan sayang gitu ya. even harry bisa jadi nyebelin, dan snape bisa jadi lovable. ahhh!

  3. bzee berkata:

    Soal batu bertuahnya bisa di kantong Harry, aku kutipkan kata2 Dumbledore ya

    It was one of my more brilliant ideas, and between you and me, that’s saying something. You see, only one who wanted to find the Stone — find it, but not use it — would be able to get it, otherwise they’d just see themselves making gold or drinking Elixir of Life. My brain surprises even me sometimes….

    Imho, the stone wasn’t Harry’s desire, he just wanted to save it from Voldemort. Kalo Voldemort yg pertama lihat di cermin itu pun dia ga akan bisa dapat batu itu, cuma gambarannya aja. Cmiiw

  4. melmarian berkata:

    Tadinya mau jawab soal gimana baru bertuah bisa masuk ke kantong Harry, eh ternyata udah dijawab oleh Bzee.
    Glad that you can meet an old good friend again and had a good time 🙂 and that bit about Ashpodel was brilliant and…and…. it’s too much for me. *sobs*

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