Book:The Perks of Being Wallflower (4.3/5)

Dear charlie,

Thank you for all the letter you’ve sent to me, even in the fact i wasn’t even born that time..

It’s been a pleasure to be a ‘friend’ for you and be the one you shared your life with.

I keep thinking how we actually look like a lot each other. Similar to you, i always think that i think too much..(see?! i even thinking about how i think!)

I see alot of people, moments, and things that are going around me and my mind just can’t stop working. But, i also rarely getting involve or ‘participated’-as Bill said- with them.

You’ve gone through a really difficult moment, Charlie. But you’re one of the most adorable boys i’ve ever known (left alone that i always imagine Logan Lerman’s cute face everytime i thought about you..hehe).  So i know you’ll be alright.

I adore your honesty. I really do.
You speak the truth that i wouldn’t even dare saying. And i do adore the way you love people ,above all. Being loved by you is really too much.

Thanks for the playlist’s recommendation, i love asleep so much. i listened to it when i read your letters. and i really love the poems. it’s really beautiful.

Things will be okay for you. I promise. Even if it isn’t now, it will somehow.

Love always and write again to me soon!

PS: but, seriously, i thought you were 12 or 13 because of the way you write your letter. But, okay, nevermind..

Love this. Coolness.. collness everywhere..


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