Hotter Potter Meme: March

Hi, there? it’s been almost 3 weeks since i wrote any thing in this blog. it’s not i’m being lazy or what. It’s just i’m currently trying to limit my reading activity due to all the overwhelming college activities. Oh my!! how i miss reading!

Okay, back to the line.

This Month question is:

” Dari semua makhluk/hewan ajaib yang ada di buku Harry Potter, apa yang paling ingin kamu jumpai di dunia nyata? Jangan lupa alasannya! ”

As i mentioned in the previous memes, i found one undeniable similarity between Hagrid and me, which is our magnetic interest to Magical Creatures is potentially dangerous.

I just can’t choose one among all them. Even i found the plants are amusing. Mandrake? Such a cute one..

But okay, i’ll try to give just my top three.

1. Dragon
I always love dragons. I picture this creature is so mystical, so strong and so ancient. As if they already know all the secret in the past. I think they’re interesting because their nature are like bad boys, you know. They’re dangerous and untamed, but at the same time, so exotic.. Sorry, i think it’s a very unrellevant analogy..Wkkk

2. Hippogriff

Imagine yourself as a warrior like Katniss (THG) or Katsa (Gracelling). What could be more perfect than having a hippogriff? You are excellent at archery and you have such a strong riding which can fly. You’re undefeatable! Just imagine it! Uber cool, right?

3. Thestral

i have to say this is maybe one of the most exotic creature from Harry Potter. I already forget about the story actually, so i can’t provide you any detail and fact about them. But, it’s ironically beautiful. Thestral is like a symbol of pain and mourn.

Okay, i write long enough.
See you soon, i hope ;))


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