here comes the winner!


we’ve got the winner here!!

but wait,lemme give some introduction why i choose to ask for favorite book quote in this giveaway..

i believe words have a serious impact in ourlives. And somehow i find it usually more powerful when it is WRITTEN. And for me favorite quote means those few lines of words that blow you far..far.. away and give shiver through your spine when you read it. It’s like you read the whole book just to understand those words meaning. That’s why i always start my review by writing my fav quote in the book.

Just incase you’ re curious why i choose to kill a mocking bird’s quote, feel free to read my review or READ the book itself and prepare to get a goosebump that won’t go away.hahaha..

and, as my very first giveaway, i’m really blown too much away. I didn’t even expect to have more than 10 participant, but 39? Seriously guys, seriously thank you so are all ROCK!

i LOVE all of your quotes. They make me curious enough to read the book.

here are some of my very very favorite:

people want pretty much the same thing : They wanted to be happy. Most young people seemed to think those things lay somewhere in the future. While most older people believed they lay in the past. – Herawan Rusmanhadi.

Kebencian membuatmu kesepian – Dheril Sofia.

Kenapa harus takut gelap kalau ada banyak hal indah yang hanya bisa dilihat sewaktu gelap? -Wenny

Things change. And friends live. And life doesn’t stop for anybody. -Nesya

It’s easy to find someone whom you can laugh with, but it isn’t easy to find someone whom you can endure the sadness together with. – dianmayy

All those endless years…All those winters, summers.. a hundred season of wanting you and never having you. Growing old,while you stayed eternally young in my memories. – Vera Astanti

Sometimes this way is just the way the games ended.
Sometimes you did your best, and it all went straight to the hell anyway. -Fauzan

soooo, the winner is….*mega drum roll*

mbak dianmayy by her beautiful quote from Twivortiare


please contact me at as soon as possible yah,mbak..
yang belum menang jangan kecewa ya. You all have won my heart, guys..hehe

see you in the next giveaway. next year ? next month? next week? who knowss?
stay fancy.. XOXO


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