OFF for…..

Hi guys,  as you can see , i haven’t post any book review lately. And seems like it’s going to continue like that for the next few months.. I haven’t touch any book these days because semester 6 is totally getting me out of my mind!  I just can’t handle it with these two hands and 24-hour day. So i think i have to make a hard decision to eliminate some of my fav hobbies to be able to focus.

So, as you can see in the title.. i’m going to off for unknown time.

Shiiiiitttt i’m gonna miss reading and writing deadly! But maybe i will still write in my personal blog janeroom, soo maybe we can still keep in touch there.

And i’m so sorry that i have to withdrawn from some reading events that i already enrolled.. huhuhu

By the wayyyy. I want to promote a voluntary program that my friend’s BF made. It’s called ” Suarakan Bukumu”. 

“Suarakan Bukumu adalah suatu gerakan untuk membantu saudara-saudara kita penyandang tunanetra dengan cara menyuarakan dan merekam buku yang kita baca. Tujuannya adalah memperbanyak referensi bacaan mereka dengan menyediakan audio book dari suara volunteer.”

So, if you’re interested, you can visit the page here! Let’s help them find the wonder of magical book world by our voice!

SEE AAAAAA!! i’m gonna miss you all sooooo damn bad!


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