Book: Eleanor & Park (5/5)

“Because . . .” he said quietly, looking at his desk, “because people want to remember what it’s like to be young? And in love?”

Mr. Stessman leaned back against the blackboard and rubbed his beard.

“Is that right?” Park asked.

Her name was Eleanor. His name was Park. Two misfits who are pretending to be okay. 
It all started with hate, until no one knew when, He noticed her red hair, her smell, and her eyes. And then She became His world. And He became Hers. But no matter how hard He tried, He could never reach Her and She was always a distance away. But, what He didn’t know was behind those insecurity wall there’s an ugly truth She’s hiding.

Eleanor and Park was all i could ask for a book. Characters who i can relate to, a slow yet intense love, a list of too cool songs and a devastating ending (just kidding, WHY RAINBOW WHY?) .It took me twice reading it,and several months before i can write anything. I had a hard time moving on because i was so overwhelmed with the huge wave of emotions.

I love Eleanor. I feel like i have a strong connection with her (Not physically, because while she’s overweight, i’m underweight :|) like, i really want to hold her, and tell her that She’s okay, She’s more than okay. We all know what is like to be a misfit. So I guess we all can relate to it too, right?

Park on the other hand, was a dream boyfriend. He was sweet as candy-sweet, overload with cuteness, and worshiped Eleanor like any girl could dream of.

“Don’t bite his face, Eleanor told herself. It’s disturbing and needy and never happens in situation comedies or movies that end with big kisses.” (This is my favorite quote! ;D)

Park was a half-korean and having some issue with his white father who seemed he can never satisfied.

And their love story is all i need in a relationship.Two birds of a feather against the world. A relationship that people will laugh at or just simply ignore, but they have no idea how we love each other.Ughh, cheezy i know..

I felt afraid when i read this book. Like i was holding something really fragile, like after all this precious connection between them , it would easily fall apart if i read it the wrong way.I just want to freeze that time.When they were sitting next to each other rubbing hands for the first time. When they sneaked behind the house to kiss. And well, basically, everytime they kissed.. hehehe

And what makes this book way cooler, is the songs..The Smiths, Joy division.It felt like you can hear the soundtrack when you read it .I even made my own playlist for this book. 🙂

Eleanor and Park deserves every emotion i spill right now. I found myself trying to read this book with slow pace but i just can’t stop turning the pages. And sometimes writing a review can be as painful as reading itself. Especially when it’s a book that you know you’ll love to death. You put too much emotion in every word you wrote. Just too much.

I mean UGHHHHH seriously,man! Like Who is this ANGEL who wrote this? Rainbow? oh my gosh even her name is so loveable. Please tell me that you secretly writing a true story. That maybe Eleanor was you and Park was your husband..Do tell me that romance like this, is actually happening.

Well, i know this is a spoiler, but i just want you guys to be prepared, okay? The ending’s sucks. 
Like WHYYyy-should-life-crushed-their-love-down-cruely *screaming* -sucks.

but, no matter what, Eleanor and Park had already took a special spot in my heart. A permanent one.

“Eleanor & Park” reminded me not just what it’s like to be young and in love with a girl, but also what it’s like to be young and in love with a book. -John Green

(and beyond)

Quick! Read this. No war can be ended before every people in this world read this book!


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