Book: Gone Girl (3.8/5)

What are you thinking? How are you feeling? Who are you? What have we done to each other? What will we do?

Nick dunne, came home to find his beautiful wife, Amy, disappeared on the day of their fifth anniversary. All the evidence suggested he’s behind all of this and his weird way of act only drag him to the top of the suspect list. As the investigation continued, it only revealed that Nick was not that clean and their marriage were hiding alot of ugly secrets. Nick was just one step-away from prison unless he found his missing wife.


Whoahh, i am a proud girl. I managed to read two books this year! This one hell of a bumpy year! It’s been hell, guys, but i also never felt so alive in my life before. Cried my eyes out alot but, i can feel my body’s burning with passion. I hope that gives you an idea of how my co-ass life is going so far.

okay, let’s cut the crap,shall we?

I love the tag-line, Marriage can be a real killer. Or if i’m allowed to add,
You can marry a real killer.

Opposite to most girls my age, i actually freak out by the idea of marriage. I worship it, i mean devoted your whole life, leaving your family, leaving all the career opportunity you’ll regret to miss, to be with one person despite the risk that one morning, he/she could wake up and decided he/she is not loving you anymore. That needs true bravery and an ocean-deep heart. And i’m so not ready for that kind of commitment.

You may think i’m another psycho bitch. But i’m clinging to Amy’s idea of married. That a couple really have to try their best to make it work. Once one of them stop trying, it will only lead to pain and exhaustion. Well, okay maybe not the way Amy tried to fix their married,it’s disturbing and hell-creepy, but i mean what’s the point to continue if you tried hard alone?

This book was overall good but didn’t meet my expectation.
The rating is good and i heard so many good reviews about it so i was expecting to be extremely surprised, but i just jittered a little, to be honest, when they revealed it was Amy (and i actually more surprised when Nick finally revealed about Andie). I never thought it was her, i always thought maybe the twist was Nick had some multiple personality disorder or there was a secret society kidnapping her due to ancient secret blahblablah. I can’t hide my disappointment.

But i am in love by the way Mrs. Flynn wrote her novel. I always love every novelist who describe things as detailed as possible. How they describe a facial expression, a touch, a character voice even a dead thing like table or chair very detail. Like i can see all of it in front of my eyes.
She nailed it.
And i do do love Nick and Amy. I wish their name can be as iconic as romeo and juliet to describe a psychotic love.

The part one is boooringgg and slow-paced and i was confused, because i was told this is some sort of crime-psychological-thriller book and all i got was just a troubled marriage with the wife missing. It was ‘diary-amy’ who saved the part-one! She’s (like she was supposed to be) so likeable, funny, and a very sweet,caring and supportive wife. Especially when you think she’s maybe in an serious danger or even already dead. Amy’s right, “everyone loves the dead girl.”

But it only got better once you enter part two. I love how Nick’s character is gradually changing. He didn’t have my respect at first, he seemed like that really charming boy of your dream but later you’ll find out he’s actually weak, passive and exhausted you due to his lack of emotional bound.
But Amy made him finally take a real action, made him played at her level and they actually bring out their partner’s best, so, they were meant for each other in a not-so-mediocre love. And you have to admit that you adore Amy, the psycho-bitch Amy. She is smart-crazy smart, precise, always three-step ahead, and real sick. She have my respect for her patience and calculated moves.

I try not to think how they will continue their life. Will they pretend ’till the end, or they’ll end up killing each other. But yah, it’s true, Nick can never back to his life before Amy no matter how hard he tried. Her crazy love is lethal but addicted. Once you taste it, the other will just look plain boring.

There are no rules for true love. and maybe, just maybe, Amy’s way,
That’s the way to do it!


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