Part of me

I don’t want to bore you to death with a complete story of my life.

But, i want to do this fun way, so let’s start with simple stuffs that you should know about me..

I was born in a nice Sunday in January 1992, at the same day when somewhere a person was born, another died, and another had a birthday. My delivery story was a miracle story itself. It was difficult and my mom needed some help from a tool that potentially dangerous for my brain. But, here i am, a living proof that God does make impossible things, possible.
But yah, that explains alot why i am so difficult right now..hehehe

I use spectator but rarely use it (because sometimes it isn’t comfortable) and yes, this has caused me hundreds of embarrassing moments, like waving and smiling at wrong people, using a cold face when i meet someone i know. huhuhu..

so, when you meet me, smile at me and i don’t smile back at you, please don’t get me wrong. blame my short sightedness.hehe

I love silly endless branchy conversations with my friends. I do enjoy discussion, thinking and seeing things from different point a view then just filling the sky with my whys..

I have a serious katsaridaphobia and still working on my self-desensitization. Currently, I’m using a picture of cockroach as my desktop background. And next thing i will do is watching a video about it. I hope in the end, i can kill cockroach by myself.  (Sorry cockroach, but you were born with some bad luck that makes people hate you.Just accept it as reality, the world is cruel, cause it just is..hahaha) But still ,until the end of the world, i don’t think i can face a flying cockroach..arghhh

Currently i’m living in Indonesia’s paradise-on-earth, Bali and in my way to get a medical degree. Wish me luck =p

I’m so into reading, watching movies, and writing. These are three things that can keep me awake till twilight.

I love books with almost all part of my body. Mostly i enjoy Fantasy, YA, and children’s books, But i also love books that talks about life, truth, and other themes that can make me wet myself with tears.

My next husband include: Joseph Gordon Levitt, Josh Hutcherson and Andrew Garfield..wkkk

I love vintage old songs like American Pie, Rod Steward’s it had to be you, and Queen’s songs. ( You DON’T want to see me singing Bohemian Rhapsody. I will completely go into a trance mode where i can dance like crazy, and singing the guitar part with all my heart. hahaha)
and i’m also into songs with great lyrics. And my favorite singers vary from Taylor swift, Jon Mclaughlin until Panic at the Disco.

I love Christmas time ( which’s the only time when I get more ecstatic than my own birthday), a day with heavy-but-without-thunder rain, and a breezing night when i could sneak under my warm blanket.

i have a super mom, an amazing dad, and a lovely sister, whom sometimes i don’t think i deserve. But, i know that they’re also very lucky to have me ;p Because, yes, i’m a very special custom made. hehe

Waittt, seems like it’s getting longer and longer, so i’ll just stop here before you all fed up with my stories.
In the end, Thank you so much for visiting my page and kindly giving your time to read some of my random thoughts. I send you alot of wet kisses from Bali ;p

Stay Classy, Planet Earth!!


6 respons untuk ‘Part of me

    • janelibrary berkata:

      hi essa.. that was my plan too, cause their hm ship sounds promising and I thought it would be a great way if i want to apply for residency in malay. But then after what dr pagalavan told me and i asked some of my malaysian friends, they said hm ship is only for malaysian. and i f we want to apply for residency, there will be another test and some interview. It would be expensive they say, but Residency in Indonesia is not cheap either. But yah at least it could be one of good options. Where are you come from. Still coass?

  1. essavirginia berkata:

    First of all sry aku mau tanya are you marrying a Malaysian? Becoz other than Malaysian they offer to foreign spouse or PR…aku dri FK UPH 07..dan satu lagi fk kamu di recognize ga sama kementerian kesihatan malaysia? Kalo aku smpet ambil tes yg mahal itu MQE medical qualifying exam..tapii posting utk housemanship skrg lg penuh banget..aku uda ngejalanin prosesnya dari tea mqe dan lain2 uda 2 tahun paska lulus…kynya smpe april tahun dpn bru dpt tempat..tapi ga tau lg

  2. essavirginia berkata:

    Residency in malaysia they call it Master dan unfortunately it is also limited to locals..foreigner can apply tp kompetitif sekali…i wudnt advice you to come here at all unless u’re marrying a Malaysian..then u have no choice lah haha..

    • janelibrary berkata:

      owww so you’re living in malaysia now? well, i’m still doing my coass now, i’m 2010 btw hehehehe. I saw a profile of an obgyn specialist who said applying master in malaysia is alot easier than in Indonesia.He took his master in university of malaya. But yah, i have no idea about how hot the competition there right now.

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