Book: Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secret(5/5)

many author said that the second book, is always the most difficult to write.

Maybe Harry Potter was the only boy who cannot wait for his holiday to end (right in the first day of his holiday) He felt the longing of his magical school and all his friends, right after he made his first step at the Dursley’s resident.

Undergo a muggle life after finding out the magical world is a hard thing to do. Harry try to be as close as possible to any kind of magic and magic news as if he’s afraid he’d loose his life in Hogwarts if he didn’t do it.

Harry also sent hundred pages of letters to his bestfriends, Ron and Hermione, but for his surprise, they didn’t reply any of it. Have they forget about Harry?

and to make it worse, at his 12th birthday every last chance he had to make his comeback to Hogwarts was gone.

An House elf, named Dobby, was the one who ruined everything.

“..Harry Potter must not go back to Hogwarts.”  he said.

Dobby was the one who hide all Ron’s and Hermione’s letters and made the Dursley locked him in his room.

“..Dobby must do it, for Harry Potter’s own good.”

But maybe Dobbly was right. Maybe Harry should have not comeback that year. Because all he got were packs of trouble from a five-time winner of most-charming smile, a diary, a soon-to-be-wife fangirl and a deadly-eye serpent.


What can i say? This is brilliant! Rowling did a great job in this second book. Love, love it!! How could she write this series so well?

 i found the humor is much more refreshing than the first book.

“Jiggery pokery!” said Harry in a fierce voice. “Hocus pocus squiggly wiggly-“
“MUUUUUUM!” howled Dudley, tripping over his feet as he dashed back toward the house. “MUUUUM! He’s doing you-know-what!”

wkkkkk.. this is really made my day 🙂

and i don’t know why but this one really made me laugh so hard:


“Oh, Potter, you rotter, oh, what have you done,
You’re killing off students, you think it’s good fun.”

hahahaha..oh, Peeves, you really know how to create a chaos.

and of course not to forget some lines from my favorite twins ever:

“Fred and George, however, found all this very funny. They went out of
their way to march ahead of Harry down the corridors, shouting, “Make way for the Heir of Slytherin, seriously evil wizard coming through…

“Oh, get out of the way, Percy,” said Fred. “Harry’s in a hurry.”
“Yeah, he’s off to the Chamber of Secrets for a cup of tea with his fanged servant,” said George, chortling.”

But, oh my, Dobby!!!! why are you so annoying in this book?! but don’t worry my poor little Dobby, i still love you as much as when i know what you’ve done for Harry in the end.. Huaaa

But Ron got the point, “You know what, Harry? if he doesn’t stop trying to save your life, he’s going to kill you.”

i love the ending!! “Dobby is free.”

LOTR fans will get it..hahaha

i love the gnome also. hahaha

“Gerroff me! Gerroff me!” 

and hey, mandrake sound really cute:

“Madam Pompfrey was pleased to report that the Mandrake was becoming moody and secretive, meaning that they were fast leaving childhood.”

ah, i miss the feeling when i first read the book. When i still have no idea that Tom riddle was Voldemort, when i have no idea that Hagrid and Moaning Myrtle had met Voldemort when he was Tom Riddle. When i didn’t know that it was Ginny all the time..

ahhh that feeling when i was surprised about who-did-what, that feeling when i tried so hard not to jump right to the end of the page cause i was too curious..

By the way, i think the idea of a talking diary was truly brilliant. The legend of heir of Slytherin and the chamber of secret are also really interesting.

Take my opinion, really , Voldemort should have made Waldo a Horcrux. He’d be immortal. wkkkkk

Full point for second book!!

No war can be ended before every people in this world read this book!

Read for:

P.S: For age more than 10

See yer’all next month! *parseltongue


Hotter Potter Meme: February

Well hello Potterheads! Back again with me and Hotter Potter meme!

According to the month, we will talk about this 4-letter-sweet-but-poisonous word.


Q: “Siapa pasangan favoritmu dari keseluruhan cerita Harry Potter?”

Ughh, it’s a hard question, especially when i’m allowed to match some characters who weren’t actually a couple..

Finally, after making a list of all couples i can think of in Harry Potter series, i’m stuck on these options:

  1. Draco-Hermione (ihh, seru kan kalo mereka jadian..berasa kaya meteor garden/BBF gitu. Dari yang tadinya ngebully, trus jadi suka banget..#hasilkeracunanserialkorea hahaha)
  2. Bill-Fleur. Did somebody just said, love is about accepting your partner no matter what he will become in the full moon?  i couldn’t agree more.. :*
  3. Cedric-Cho Chang (honestly, i’m not a fan of Cho, tapi mereka ini jenis made-for-each-other couple di SMA mu yang seneng banget kamu liatin. Dan pas mereka putus kamu bakal ngegossip sama temen2mu, ikut menyesalkan kenapa mereka putus. Sayang sekali Cedric harus reinkarnasi jadi vampire. ckck)
  4. George with myself  #ngareppp

but, my choice finally goes to *drumroll*

Voldemort and Bellatrix.

hahaha..nah, JK..

*drumroll again please*

It’s Snape and Lily !

Ahh, should i explain why i choose them? Cause no word is needed here.

For me, Snape’s love is just achingly beautiful.

“Dumbledore watched her fly away, and as her silvery glow faded he turned back to Snape, and his eyes were full of tears.
“After all this time?”
“Always,” said Snape.” 

Do you know that Snape is the only death eater who can produce Patronus? AWWW, i nearly cried this time..

memang sih ga ada penjelasan lebih jauh dr rowling mengenai ini. Tapi jelas saya langsung berspekulasi kalo Snape menggunakan memorinya dengan lily untuk bisa menciptakan perasaan bahagia yang dibutuhkan saat patronus. Apalagi patronusnya sama kaya lily. It’s enough to explain how much he loved her, isn’t it? (okay, you all have my permission to cry..)

uhh, let’s stop these whining things.

Hey, why don’t we play “pick-your-dreamcasts” for Snape-Lily-James’ role?

This is my version for Snape:

Ben Barnes dari Dorian Gray. Yah, Snape muda memang ga digambarkan secakep ini..Tapi dapetlah ya, dark imagenya.

and for Lily:

Rachel Hurd-Wood dari Perfume. Ihh, cantik yaaa..

and for our douche-bag James Potter:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt with glasses. Okay, if this is the case, I would have dated James also..haha

Ahh, meme nya seru bulan ini! Penasaran liat jawaban para potterhead yang lain!! See you next month! 😉

Book: Cinta yang Terpendam (3.2/5)

Setelah hampir seumur hidupnya berteman dengan Darcy, Rachel sadar bahwa pertemanan mereka tidak lebih dari sekedar pertarungan siapa-yang-lebih-cepat-menusuk-dari-belakang.

Dan dalam sebagian besar pertarungan itu, Darcy lah yang menang. Yah, kapan juga sih Darcy tidak menang? Lihat dia, semua seakan jatuh kepangkuannya tanpa usaha. Kecantikan, tubuh ramping tapi kencang, pekerjaan dengan gaji 6 digit, pesta-pesta hebat, bahkan kulitnya lebih cepat coklat dari Rachel. Kalo listnya mau diteruskan, Darcy juga mendapatkan perhatian ibu Rachel dan segelintir pria yang diidamkan Rachel.

Sampai suatu hari, tibalah kesempatan Raachel untuk memenangkan pertarungan itu. Dan kali ini, hadiah yang diperebutkan adalah mahluk eksotis dengan intelegensia dan selera humor yang memikat, ditambah dengan tubuh yang…let’s say, yummmyy..bernama Dexter.

Masalahnya tidak serumit persoalan berebut cowo imut antara dua remaja SMA yang labil. (they are 30 Gosh!!!)

Dexter itu..hmm, let’s say tunangan Darcy? Pacar 7 tahunnya?

dan Rachel itu…hmm pendamping pengantinnya?

namun hanya beberapa bulan sebelum lonceng itu dibunyikan, mereka terlibat skandal yang sifatnya guilty pleasure alias salah sih, tapi gimana donk..

Jadi dimulailah permainan kucing-kucingan antara Darcy vs Dexter-Rachel.

Dan diakhir, hanya ada satu pertanyaan, siapa yang tertawa paling akhir?


1st half of book: (i’m sorry i just have to be honest with this one)

1. Rachel

Setiap kali liat Rachel, saya kaya liat anak lima tahun yang lagi merajuk. Dia ngerebut es krim Darcy trus bilang,

“Tapi kan Darcy udah dapet coklat!!!” So what if she got the chocolate? Trus kamu berhak ngerebut es krimnya?

“tapi kan..tapi kan…hidupnya lebih bahagia!!!” So what? trus salah dia hidupnya lebih bahagia?

oh, come on Rachel, grow up!!

2. Dexter

Gimana kalo kamu ambil batu, iket kakimu di batu itu, trus tenggelemin dirimu ke laut, Dex? Sorry, saya bahkan ga inget kalo dia ganteng..

3. Darcy:  

Oh Darcy, Darcy.. what is in your eyes that make you so blind ,so shallow? Tidakkah kamu belajar di sekolah kalo semua planet ini mengelilingi matahari, bukan kamu ,girl ?

2nd half of book:

Apakah pilihanku selama ini benar?

yak, benar sekali, dari maki-maki mereka bertiga, saya malah jadi galau akhirnya..

Setelah berhenti untuk menghakimi Rachel, saya mulai bisa menikmati cerita ini dan malah terbawa semakin jauh dalam kehidupan dua gadis New York ini.

Terlepas dari skandal perselingkuhannya dengan Dexter,  Rachel banyak membuat saya berpikir tentang masa depan. Tentang pilihan-pilihan yang sudah saya buat selama ini. Tentang orang-orang yang ada disekeliling saya. Buku ini membuat kita jadi bertanya-tanya sendiri, apakah pilihan kita selama ini benar? Aku yakin hampir sebagian besar dari kita pernah berhenti sejenak tiba-tiba dan bertanya, apa yang sebenarnya aku lakukan?

Sebagian besar kita membuat pilihan didasarkan oleh rasa aman. Semakin tua, cara berpikir kita mulai menandai wilayahnya sendiri.

“Pilih ini, lebih aman.”

“Jangan pilih itu, terlalu beresiko.” dsb dsb..

Pilihan aman biasanya akan membuat kita terlihat baik, paling tidak secara permukaan. Namun sayang sekali bersamaan dengan hal itu, kadang kita harus mengubur dalam-dalam hasrat terbesar kita.
dan suatu saat dimasa depan, saat rambut sudah memutih, kita akan terkenang masa itu, dan bertanya, ” what if..”

apa yang lebih menyakitkan dari itu?

My dad always says,  “Life is a choice, no matter what choice you make, there are always consequences . Try to choose the one that you can bear.”

Saya cukup bisa mengerti Rachel pada akhirnya, walau masih tidak bisa membenarkan tindakannya.  Saya mengerti kalau Rachel terombang-ambing antara menjadi sahabat yang baik atau berjuang untuk mendapatkan apa yang membuatnya bahagia.

Saya mengerti Rachel tidak bisa meninggalkan Darcy karena ada satu bagian dalam dirinya yang menginginkan Darcy berubah. Dia masih ingin percaya bahwa Darcy adalah sahabat sejatinya.

Tapi,seharusnya 30 tahun waktu yang cuku lama untuk menyadari bahwa Darcy tidak membutuhkan sahabat baik.

Dia membutuhkan pengikut.

Seseorang yang selalu ada setaraf dibawahnya, Sehingga dia bisa menjadi ratu di kelompok yang dibentuknya sendiri.

Saya juga mengerti kalau Rachel begitu tidak percaya dirinya hingga dia merasa butuh sesuatu yang membuktikannya memiliki kelebihan dibanding Darcy.

Untuk kasus Dex, sayangnya saya tidak terlalu berhasil berempati.

Saya mengerti dia mungkin merasa tertekan dengan semua tuntutan Darcy. Tapi, Hello mister, cheating with her best friend will not make it easier, okay?
tolong jangan bilang saya tidak sudah mencoba mengerti Dex..

And Darcy. Oh Darcy, Darcy..

I know that you don’t deserve any of this, no matter how much annoying, selfish and hateable you are. Tapi, perbuatanmu berikutnya hanya menunjukkan kalo kamu memang pantas mendapatkan semuanya.. Karma always slap on face . and yes, it hurts..

Oh Darcy, Darcy..maybe tears from this problem can clean your eyes, so you will understand that you’re not the queen of the world? That you’re not always in the highest place of food chain?

Sebenernya akhirnya sendiri tidak terlalu mengejutkan. Dari awal saya sudah merasa kalau sang pengarang agak terlalu sayang dengan Rachel. Dia berusaha membuat apapun yang dibuat Rachel, walau jelas-jelas salah apapun alasannya, kelihatan baik. Dia seakan berusaha meyakinkan pembaca kalo “Rachel berhak melakukan semuanya itu dan see? Darcy itu memang bitch and she deserved it.”

Okay, Emily, you’re the writer, you win.

Tapi hati saya agak sakit saat mereka berdua bermalam bersama di apartemen Rachel.  Saya tahu mereka berdua sangat tulus saat itu. Sedih sekali melihat dua orang sahabat tumbuh tapi ternyata ke arah yang berbeda. Bagaimana kedua gadis kecil yang ada dalam memori Rachel dan Darcy sudah kehilangan sesuatu dalam persahabatan mereka.

Selama ini saya selalu baca buku anak-anak dan fantasy, dimana semua persahabatan selalu berjalan beriringan dengan ketulusan dan kesetiaan. Yah, sayangnya realita ga begitu,kan?

Ahhh, akhirnya buku ini malah sukses bikin saya galau menghadapi umur 30 haha..yah masih ada beberapa tahun lagi untuk bersenang-senang sebelum saatnya panik seperti Rachel..hoho

Spoilerrr!! (because yes, i love spoiler!):

Hey, i hear the second book is about Darcy and Ethan (ahh, saya suka banget sama Ethan!!)  what a twist! sepertinya yang kedua bakal asik nih. mungkin kalo sempet saya akan baca deh Something Blue. (rasanya udah diterbitin Esensi juga deh..)

in the end, i’ll give it 3.2/5 :

It’s nice. I detected coolness here.

Yak selesai juga reviewnya!! utangku lunas donk, Oky? hehehe..

Thank you so much Oky and penerbit Esensi (website * goodreads) atas bukunya..Sering-sering yaa ngasih buku gratis..hehehe =))

Book:Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone(5.3/5)

“You are a wizard, Harry.”

As far as i remember, this is the fourth times i read the first book of Harry Potter. And how should i describe my feeling that can not be elaborated in words? How should i describe a dear friend that has been together with me for a really long time? :’)

when i reread the book for Hotter Potter event,

and for Fun Year Event,

i cannot say that i got that first feeling when you find a new great book. But, it’s more like meeting an old friend. You know him, you miss him, and you realize how much you have changed and they’re all still the same.

i have a sweet memory with Harry. (ahh, that good old time..) i barely remember if it was the first time i read a novel or not, but, for sure, that was the first time i fell in love with novels.
This is where my reading history began. At the under-the-stair’s cupboard of the Privet Drive number 4..

There was a young boy, called Harry Potter, who lived in despair with his wicked uncle and aunt,The Dursley, and not to mention his fat, good-for-nothing cousin, Dudley. He had been living with them for about 11 years and yet still had no idea why they hated him so much.

His school life was also not going so smooth. Everybody seems to hate him because they are afraid of his cousin.

So, in a nutshell ,we can say that Harry was just another pitiful helpless preteen with packs of troubles.

But it seemed like 11 was Harry’s lucky number, cause in his 11th birthday, everything was about to change. That day, he got the best present every boy and girl can have.

a Hogwarts letter.

He would believe that it was just a really mean joke from his uncle, if he didn’t remember that his uncle never ever joked around.

wait, he is WHAT?
wizard? w-i-z-a-r-d?

Everybody called him WHAT?

the chosen one?
the boy who lived?
the famous baby who defeated the greatest darkest wizard whose name can’t be spelled?

how could he was famous without ever noticing it?

and who the hell is You-Know-Who?

well ,as you all already know ,Harry is about to meet him very soon..


I could say that i grew up with Harry. I first read the book when i was a junior high school’s student and reread all the books a couple times. And i also waited with high degree of anxiety everytime the movies came out. I love how the first book is so much like a children’s book and with every book, it gets more mature and mature.

2012 was the first year without Harry Potter, but thanks to surgabukuku dan bacaanbzee for these brilliant event, so i can explore those magical world again..

ah, it’s so hard to make a review of book that you’re so obsessed with. There are so many things in your head, therefore you’re just lost in your own tangled mind and have no idea where to start.

But,let’s start with things i love:

1. All those non-muggle stuffs

No matter how many times i read this, i’m still dazzled by Rowling’s imagination. Moving paintings? Photos that can move like gif. ? Stairs that change its direction every friday? a Singing sorting hat? A new sport called Quidditch? and what i like best is the human-size chess. It’s just soooo ultracool!!

2. Gred and Forge

i know that i already fell for the twins since the first book.

“Oh, are you a prefect, Percy?” said one of the twins, with an air of great surprise. “You should have said something, we had no idea.”
“Hang on, I think I remember him saying something about it,” said the other twin. “Once-“
“Or twice-“
“A minute-“
“All summer-“

“Don’t worry, the Weasleys are more than a match for the Bludgers — I mean, they’re like a pair of human Bludgers themselves.”

hmm, it’s enough to describe how appealing they are ,isn’t it? 😉

3. The story itself

Well, maybe it’s not yet observable in the first book. But, later, i love how she can connect all the story from the first book ’till the last book.  And i really appreciate how deep she knows her story, how deep she knows every character she made. This is not a story which can be made in one night or two. This needs years of brainstorming, powerful imagination, and a full-heart dedication. I think this is why we can called Rowling as one of the most brilliant writer of all time.

The not okay part:

NONE!! well, if you’re obsessed with something, you just go blind ,right? Exactly. hehehe 😉

BTW, because this is the fourth times i read the book, i paid more attention to detail.

I realize that since the first book, Rowling has already given us some clue that there’s ‘something’ about Dumbledore.

Remember when Harry asked what Dumbledore saw in the Erised mirror, And He knew that Dumbledore is lying? Socks? okay Professor, seems legit..
and do you know that Neville is already good in Herbiology since the first year? (spoiler: He’s gonna be a Herbiology Professor in the future! )

I like how she describe Voldemort:

“..only one who has nothing to lose, everything to gain would commit such a crime..”

but there are some question that still going around in my mind..
How did The stone get to Harry’s pocket? doesn’t Erised Mirror only show our desire and not to fulfill it? Or it means Harry already had the stone before ,then the mirror show him where it was?
Waittt, i don’t get it..

and Dumbledore said that James saved Snape’s life once, i wonder why it never mentions in the other books? hm…

*ralat: setelah diingetin mbak Dewi, ternyata James nyelamatin Snape dari si Dedalu perkasa..Aduh udah lupa,tuh..

But, hey nevermind.. the coolness covers everything..

Let me just give you a really cool fact about the first book:

can you imagine what would Snape see if he saw the Erised mirror? Oooww this is heart breaking..

As a forever-muggle who drooling over my Hogwarts letter, this would be pretty much like me, if i got one : hahahaha..

i must go , Hogwarts needs me..

ohhh, You haven’t read it? really? and You haven’t watch it? Oh my, Where were you this ten years? Mars? but late is better than never. Maybe this is not your cup of tea, but ,still, it’s worth to try..

i’ll give it 5.3/5 ,problem people? hohoho

No war can be ended before every people in this world read this book!

so peeps, stay fancy and never tickle a sleeping dragon!! 😉 XOXO

PS: For age more than 10 y.o

Book: Wonder (5/5)

“Everyone born of God overcometh the world.”

If you are the only one of something. You are different.
Like,  if you are the only one in your class who can play violin, then you are different. But it’s a good kind of different.

in my case, i’m the only one in my school (and in my neighborhood too) who has a genetic disorder called, Mandibulofacial Dystosis.  Sounds cool,huh? Yah, i hope it’s a disorder who can make me look cool too.  But, anyway, i am different. and this time, it’s not a good kind of different.

The thing about being different is,  it’ll determine people’s action toward you.
If you are the good kind of different, you will attract people to you. Like a lamp attracts moths.
But if you are the bad one, it will keep people away from you. Like  you’re a skunk.

But, the worst thing of all, which sometimes i can’t stand is, people always stare at you.  Sometimes they do that when they think i don’t see them and look away when i see them, but sometimes they do it right on my face. They make those horror faces while holding their breath. (Well, sometimes it does look funny though..)

That’s why i always hate to go to the crowded place. The more people there, the more eyes are starring at me.
So, i really have no idea what got into me, when i said yes, i want to go to the normal school. It’s like i am a lamb who voluntarily ask to go to the slaughter.

You know sometimes, middle school can be as cruel as the jungle (i’m in the fifth grade,by the way)
Everyone try so hard to be in the highest place of the food chain. You’ll eat or be eaten.
In my case, i can’t choose.  Just say, i’m a permanent resident of the lowest part of the food chain. And in my whole  life, i have to run in order not to get eaten.

But there are also a “hipsters” group, who choose to be in the low place of food chain although they can be in the higher place. Like my friend Jack and Summer, they’re like a vegetarian lion.

The middle school was not EASY. Really, believe me it was damn hard. It’s already hard even when you don’t have any facial deformities and a genetic disorder. But when you do.. yah, just try to be one.

But, different from the jungle. In the human world, everyone deserves a second chance, even the cruelest one. Because sometimes we all loose our way now and then..i understand.

The good thing about being me (believe me, there’s a good thing) is you can see clearly that miracles do happened.
i have several miracles around, like Jack and Summer. I also have my mom, my dad, via, miranda, and via’s boyfriend, Justin. And of course i had Daisy.

Like Justin said,

“the universe takes care of its most fragile creations in ways we can’t see.
the universe takes care of all its birds.”


I can hardly remember if i ever cried that much..well, okay i cried a lot when i read Five People You meet in heaven, and when i watched Facing the Giants, and don’t forget the fault in our star and Marley and me..   and gosh, how could i forget how much i cried when i watch i am sam?

geez,i AM that sensitive.

but really, i never knew that i could cry that much..

this book tore me apart, crushed my heart and hurt me right in my lacrimal gland.

usually, i cried at the middle  of the book when i already emotionally bound with the character or the end of the book which become the “most favorite times” for the writer to kill all lovable characters. (grr)

but, this time, i already wept a little at page 9. and cried hard at page 40 something..arghhh 😥  so, brace yourself..

I could say that i’ve been in almost all of the characters’ position.

I’ve been the “anomaly
I’ve been the one who hates the “anomaly
and of course, like most of us, I’ve been in the neutral side who try not to take a side. Because that’s the easiest.

so, when i read this book, i recall some names and emotions. and i realize that no one.. NO ONE deserves to be treated like that.  Even if you and some people do deserves it, but you’ll always be sorry one day and wish you had never done that.

actually, we all different from the other,  that’s how God created us. And i’m pretty sure the reason is not to bully each other.. #graahsusahnyagacurcolpasnulisreview

now, WARNINGGG!!! spoiler time!!

what i loved so much about this story is, there are several point of views so we can understand all of them very well but it’s not as confusing as other multiple POV books.

and i don’t know why but, in the middle of the book, i really look forward to hear from Miranda’s point of view. And see? it’s never been easy for her too.

i like that she didn’t write from the mother’s point of view. I don’t know why, but i think i already can imagine how sentimental it will become. But, i do want to hear from Auggie’s father side.

And i do love Justin’s point of view. i don’t know what’s the purpose, but she wrote Justin’s pov without any capital and direct conversation. But, i do like him with his Tic disorder.

ah, but all the characters are so lovable. I love Via, Jack, Summer, Miranda and  mr. Tushman.  Yes, i hate Julian, but yah, everybook should have a jerk like him..And yes, i hate his parents much more than him.

Among all those tearful moments, i found a moment which i cried much harder than the others. It’s when Darth Daisy died. oh goshhh, i really couldn’t stop crying. i’m a forever dog-lover, so it’s a tear-tsunami moment for me.

but, there’s also a really good moment here. I love when Auggie laughed at people’s reaction when they see him, and his jokes with Jack. I also love the ending.

it’s a really really great book, people.. you really should read it. It gives you the idea of how cruel life is but how nice a man should be.

i’ll give it 5/5

No war can be ended before every people in this world read this book!

and people ,let’s standing here to congratulate ourself, because..

“Everyone deserves a standing ovation because we all overcometh the world.”

PS: hey, here’s the indonesian cover if you wondering. Nice ,huh?

PS 2: For age more than 12

This review is included in Fun Year Event

OOT: Happy Birthday to me!!

i made the first post of this blog at 9th January last year..

wow it’s been A YEAR  already!! never thought i’m gonna make this blog last this long.. thanks for everyone who visited my page or even gave your likes and comments. i do appreciate it!
i send you lots of kisses and happiness in life..

a big hug for my sister who has inspired me to make a blog. now at least i become productive in the internet. not only open 9gag! haha  (one does not simply browsing internet without open 9gag!)

i already nailed one of my resolution this year, which is:

Become one of BBI member!! wohooo..after failed twice, finally i can proudly announced myself as one of “Blogger Buku Indonesia”. What an achievement!

although it’s mean i have to move all my movie content to another blog. No regret..

please visit my new movie blog at if you don’t mind..


my next resolution is:  to make a list of my book review.. (Arrrggghhh..)

Okay, folks enjoy your days, weeks and years.

brace yourself for more books, more movies, and more years (hopefully!), are coming!! ;))

Book: The Fault in Our Star (4.5/5)

“Unfortunately, The world is not a wish-granting factory.”

Hazel could have died three years ago. and she was ready for it.

but,in that very moment,
it was like God suddenly said, “oh, wait.. give Me a second, hm…”

*flipping and scanning through a book with big title “My plan for Hazel” and realize there are two pages stick together.

then said, “well, okay, My mistake, sorry Hazel, seems like I missed one story of your life. Now go back and meet one hot boy named Augustus. And don’t forget to go crazy about him, okay?”

and boom, she didn’t die. Although she had to breath through a portable oxygen machine and steroid made her face swollen.

three years later, as a side effect of her survival, she had to attend a support group for teens with cancer. it was her mom who insisted her to go out and make some real social interaction, rather than staying at home all day watching American Next Top Models.

so one day,that day could be just another boring meeting of support group, yet it didn’t.

that day she met that boy who was missing in her story.

Augustus Walker was a witty, self-praiser, and an ex-osteosarcoma-patient yet so hot seventeen year old boy.
he lost one of his leg due to cancer, but yes, he’s still hot one-leg-pony.

in their first meeting, these two teen already fell for each other.

Hazel should have realized that everything goes out too smoothly for them.
and blame the stars (who seem like having fun in twisting their fate upside down), one things changed their all story..


okay, everyone please wait until i stop crying..
it just stabbed me right in the heart.

if you read my review, maybe you’ll think it’s just another dramatic and romantic YA. But, it is not. (or maybe it is, but i’m just a sensitive nerd)
there are more sides that i haven’t included just because i don’t want to spoil it out.
you have to know that it’s really hard to make a review of a good book without spoil it and without sounds so fanatic.. you keep thinking, which one you want to share with people who haven’t read it yet, without spoiling it out but still can make them interested.

okay, let’s review this..

actually, i don’t see this novel as a cancer story itself, no,  it’s not the center of the story.
i think what Green about to say is everyone has their own hamartia. (which, in Hazel and Augustus’ story was cancer). And how we should just accept that as reality.

i love how Augustus, Hazel and Issac saw cancer as just some lemon that life gives them and never ask why them? (or maybe they were asking it, but now they already got over it) and how they can find a humor side inside it.

“You have a choice in this world, I believe, about how to tell sad stories, and we made the funny choice.”

i read a review from the guardian and will quote it, because there’s no other words describe this story better..

“What I loved about The Fault In Our Stars is that the journey that Hazel went on wasn’t acceptance of death -she’d completed that before the novel began- but on the acceptance of life. How life isn’t always fair, but life just is.”

i love how poetic, funny yet so cynical their conversations are. actually i read the Indonesian version, which the translation is quite good. But, i do encourage you to read the real  version because this book is so poetical, and i don’t think the Indonesian version can translate all at the exact meaning. My english is not that good, so i just read the Indo version. (By the way i love the Indonesian title, “Salahkan Bintang-Bintang” )

okay, now move to my fanatical side:

WARNING!! this is contain a lot of spoiler (because i just can’t help it, as usual..)

i love this couple.. they really should have more time together.

“There are infinite numbers between 0 and 1. There’s .1 and .12 and .112 and an infinite collection of others. Of course, there is a bigger infinite set of numbers between 0 and 2, or between 0 and a million. Some infinities are bigger than other infinities. A writer we used to like taught us that. There are days, many of them, when I resent the size of my unbounded set. I want more numbers than I’m likely to get, and God, I want more numbers for Augustus Waters than he got. But, Gus, my love, I cannot tell you how thankful I am for our little infinity. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. You gave me a forever within the numbered days, and I’m grateful.”

i quite like Hazel. And i love how she can turn words into something that sounds great.

and for Augustus, i’ve already fell for him since he said,

“It would be a privilege to have my heart broken by you..”

“You realize that trying to keep your distance from me will not lesson my affections for you,” he said.

okay, that’s it, Augustus, i love you. i just love you.

“I’m on a roller coaster that only goes up, my friend.”

I do like Isaac too, He’s so funny..

“How are the eyes?’
‘Oh, excellent,’ he said. ‘I mean, they’re not in my head is the only problem.’

“Come over here so I can examine your face with my hands and see deeper into your soul than a sighted person ever could.”

and goshh, i can’t stop crying since Issac read his eulogy, my heart did break that time.

one more person in this story that i do like is Hazel’s father. I know sometimes he looked so sensitive and fearful of losing his daughter, but he always know what to say to Hazel.

“It’s total bullshit,” he said. “The whole thing… He was such a bright kid. It’s bullshit. I hate it. But it was sure a privilege to love him, huh?

You know what, this is by far the only book that has so many quotes that i like.

okay, i think it’s enough.. so, turn off your computer/ laptop/tab/ so whatever.. go to the bookstore and buy this book, okay?

OOT: 2013’s Resolutions

Wow, it’s already the 6th day in 2013. We officially left 2012 behind. How time flies!  I should had made this post before new year, but, as usual, i just can’t move my ass.

2012 was definitely a blast for me. but overall, life was good.
people come and go , but some remain =)) and thanks God for that.

but well, “every lesson forms a new scar” -eyes open. #curcolterusss

so, what’s your resolution for new year?

looking back to my 2012’s resolution, now i realize,

i’m not the guy with the plan..

so why so serious?

I’m not that kind of person who make resolutions and stick to that until the end of the year. It just doesnt work out on me. So, i’ll accept myself as a one-step-at-a-time person and try a new approach to reach a better life..haha

But, it’s always fun to make resolution and wishes.. =)

Soo, i’m gonna make some book challenge for myself this year..actually, i took goodreads challenge 2012 to read 50 books, and i know i did it, because i read alot of books in 2012, but i never set the date so i considered fail. (actually i withdrawn before the end of 2012. hehe)

but, i’m gonna make some awesome book list this year, wish me luck, everybody!  Here it is: 

  • Harry Potter Series, because i follow a reading challenge and actually it’s just because i really miss Harry Potter. so, for you all potterhead, let’s join this challenge!! hehe
  • some Children’s book. Another reading challenge that i joined.
  • The Hobbit and LOTR trilogy.  sooo, how was the Jackson’s The Hobbit?  (and have you seen the extended or the complete version of LOTR? i’m gonna watch it very soonn.. can’t wait to see my badass Aragorn and Legolas again =p  )  actually, i already read the first book, The fellowship of the ring. And goshhh how boring it is. but i think i cannot call myself a ringer if i never read the book. so these book is definitely in my list.
  • Game of thrones everybody was so crazy about this book, so i hope i can read it this year.
  • Fablehaven 5. Okay mizan, that’s enough. i already wait too long for this book. pleasseeeee..
  • The Fault in Our Star. another crazy-book-with-crazy-rating-in-goodreads on my list. But, yay to me. i finished it 4 days ago. And yes, this book is crazzyyy.. gonna write the review soon.
  • House of Hades. Rick said this book ‘s gonna come out this year. yeiyyy!!
  • anddd sooo many other books. in total, i challenge myself to read at least 40 books this year.

Nowww, let’s move to the  movie list : 

  • The Hobbit (nuff said.. )
  • Monster University (Goshh, finally!!)
  • Catching fire ( Peetaaa, please do more romantic scene with Katniss! Fulfill all tribute’s hunger for kissing scene! hahaha..)
  • Despicable Me 2 (Omigot, my minions will come back this year. Can’t wait really)
  • Man of Steel ( another Nolan’s franchise movie. Definitely gonna see it!)
  • Les Miserable
  • Habibie dan Ainun. ( Because everybody was so crazy about this lover’s story, it makes me curious enough to insert this Indonesian movie to my list..)
  • andd of courseee many many more awesome movies!

okay, that’s it people.  Wish u all a wonderful, full-of-wishes-come-true , less-tears-more-joy YEARRRRR!!!

Hotter Potter Meme :January

Q: “Jika kamu menjadi salah satu guru di Hogwarts, kamu ingin menjadi siapa? Alasannya?”

well, actually i don’t mind being any kind of teacher in Hogwarts as long as i’m in Hogwarts!!

let sing together,muggles :

“Oh,save me from this bloody muggle world. send me an owl and tell me that you’ll pick me up to Hogwarts. Tell me i’m a wizardddd. Ohhhh…”

hehehe i don’t even mind being Prof.Trelawney. Tapi yah, kalo jadi mr.Filch sih ga mau juga ya..

tapi oke, karena harus milih satu.. siapa yakk??
Headmaster kaya Dumbledore?
Guru pertahanan terhadap ilmu hitam yang memakan korban setiap tahunnya?
ato si transfigurator kaya Prof McGonagall?

no, people.. my answer may surprise you, but i want to become like Hagrid.

well, okay, maybe not Hagrid literally, i mean, a teacher in Care of Magical Creatures ,which position is now held by Hagrid.

oh’s the best job ever!


1. Only-in-fairy-tales magical creatures

can you imagine dealing with any kind of magical creature?

as an animal lover, dari dulu saya udah mupeng sama Caesar dari The dog whisperer. he’s my hero and i always envy him for his gift. Sselain itu saya juga penonton setia animal planet dan acaranya Steve Irwin (alm.).

But this is even better!  Dragons, Hipogriff, Three-head monster dog, and if i’m lucky enough to be able to see it, a unicorn..

2. The big D

i have a fetish for Dragons. Yup, mungkin saya juga akan berakhir kaya Hagrid yang nyelundupin telur-telur naga dan ngerawat mereka kaya bayi yang imut-imut.

3. I can look cool while riding hipogriff or dragon

okay, quidditcher, the newest nimbus maybe cool. maybe they need skill and some extra practice.

but, this

and this

they need awesomeness to ride it. Got it? =p

tapi yah, saya ga mau juga ya maen-maen sama Aragog.. hiiii..  dan kalo sampe ada kecoa raksasa yang bisa ngomong..

sorry folks, but in this case, i’m back to the muggle world.. =pp

Book kaleidoscope 2012: Most Favorite Books


The third and the last category of Book kaleidoscope 2012 is Most Favorite books!!

5. Kisah Hidup Paman Gober: Edisi Bundel

wehehehe..saya salah satu orang yang masa kecilnya (sampe SMA sebenernya) diisi dengan baca donal bebek sampe mabok. Dan dari antara semua tokoh, saya paling sukaaa sama Paman Gober.

Oke ,saya tau dia bebek terkikir se kota bebek, tapi saya sangat menghargai usahanya untuk jadi kaya. Beda sama mr. Krab yang buat saya licik bener..#pengendiinjek .

Dan mau donk berenang di gudang uang. hehe

Jadi pas liat buku ini, ini skenarionya:

Me: Omigot. Paman gober!! *berbinar-binar

*balik buat liat harga

*brukk #pingsansampedigotongmasmasgramedia (lebayy..)

160 rebu bokk..bisa beli berapa buku tuh. jadilah pulang kerumah sambil meratap dan mecahin celengan. seminggu kemudian akhirnya dapet juga buku itu! lalala

yang paling saya suka, ada family tree nya donal bebek!! saya baru tau dia punya sodara kembar..


4. To Kill a Mockingbird

my mind was thinking uncontrollably after read this book. Similar to the help, this book discussed about racism issue. yah, siapa sih yang ga pernah denger tentang salah satu buku terlaris sepanjang masa ini?

i learn so many things from this book. Full review : here

saya selalu mikir, sebenernya Skeeter Pheelan dari buku The Help itu, pasti sedikit banyak terinspirasi dari Harper Lee, sang pengarang To Kill a Mocking Bird. Kebayang kan kerasnya tekanan yang dihadapi Harper Lee saat nerbitin buku ini? Buku ini terbit sekitar tahun 1960 yang notabene adalah dekade perjuangan-hak-sipil terpanas?

mungkin gara-gara itu juga dia cuman nerbitin satu buku. But yah, for me, among all writers, she’s the one who deserve “writer-of-the-century” title.

3. Fablehaven #3

diantara semua seri Fablehaven, saya paling suka buku yang ketiga. Walaupun belum baca yang ke lima sih..abis mizan lama banget nerbitinnya #ngambekk

hm..sebenernya saya agak heran series ini ga heboh diantara para penggemar fantasi. Padahal buku ini bagus banget kalo menurut saya (sama kaya Erec Rex). dan salah satu yang ‘paling fantasi’ dari buku-buku yang pernah saya baca. Mungkin karena tokohnya anak-anak kali ya..

Saya suka sekali cara Brandon Mull menggambar Fablehaven. Kebayang ga suatu suaka kaya kebun raya bogor gitu yang sangat liar, sangat tua dan setiap petaknya memiliki rahasia dan cerita tersendiri. Mahluk-mahluk disini juga sangat magis sekaligus eksotis. Mungkin karena saya pencinta hutan dan binatang kali ya, makanya buku ini cocok buat saya. Soalnya, selain tokoh dan jalan cerita, ternyata setting sangat berpengaruh terhadap mood baca.

2. The Help

a story of 3 woman who brave enough to get out from their comfort zone for something ,that they believe, is right.  buku ini sangat dramatis, sedih dan menyentuh buat saya.

feel free to read my full review: here

1. The Hunger Games series

Yes, people it’s on my list. Hope you’re not fed up with me and my “hunger-games obsession” . Well, like other tributes, i’m obsessed with this series. Just read my review: here
it’s enough to describe how sick i love this star-crossed lover’s story..



aduhh boleh tambah 1 lagi ga ?

saya ga tega soalnya kalo ga masukin si ‘ompong’ Toothless.. boleh yaa? satu aja..

#extended : 6. How to Twist a Dragon’s Tale

hm.. kalo ditanya lebih suka mana, sebenernya saya suka dua duanya, baik toothless versi film maupun versi buku. dua duanya sama-sama irresistible!

tapi, kalo versi bukunya lebih unyuuuuuu.. toothlessnya jadi naga prematur yang nakal sekaligus belagu abis.

diantara ke tujuh bukunya yang paling bagus sih yang How to Twist a Dragon’s Tale ini. Sedih sekaligus bagus banget cerita tentang ibunya.

awww, i love them both!!